1000L Bidirectional Mixer Machine Made for Israeli Cosmetics Company

Ginhong has finished the production of one 1000L bidirectional mixer machine and one 150L open top mixing vessel for an Israeli cosmetics factory. And these two mixing machines will be delivered to Israel in a few days.

1000L Bidirectional Mixer Machine Made for Israeli Cosmetics Company

Israeli customer’s company manufactures a basic product for all skin types; other products for dry, sensitive skin and for men’s skin; and anti-aging products for face and body. Product lines include hand cream, foot cream, facial cleanser, body milk, facial nourishing cream, facial moisturizer, moisturizing shower cream and body cream.

YX open mixing vessel

Both the 1000L mixer machine and 150L mixing vessel are YX series open mixing tanks. Open type tank with portable covers for adding raw materials and cleaning easily. YX open top mixing vessel is a stainless steel mixer machine for producing low viscosity liquids and preparations in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

The conventional mixer rotates in one direction only which creates a particular flow pattern in the fluids, hence the particles tend to stick to the walls of container, ultimately results into poor quality mixture. The bidirectional mixer Ginhong made is an ideal solution to the above problem.

YX open mixing vessel

YX-1000 blending tank adopts the design of bidirectional mixing. The frame agitator drives by 5.5kw scraper motor rotating in one direction, and the shaft with blades drives by 3kw center agitator motor rotating in opposite direction, which generates sufficient turbulence for thorough mixing and excellent quality of mixture.

YX-150 mixing pot can be moved flexibly for the three casters. And it is equipped with push button control panel and centrifugal pump. This 150L mixing tank is for melting and mixing oil phase materials, wax etc. Then the mixture in the small tank will be transferred to the 1000L stainless steel mixer by the centrifugal pump for further mixing.

The large vessel and the small vessel are connected by centrifugal pump, lobe pump and several stainless steel pipes. The large mixing vessel, lobe pump and the pipes constitute the circulation system. It means all the ingredients in the large mixing tank can be mixed for many times until the mixture is qualified. The finished product can be discharged by the lobe pump as well.

lobe pump

Lobe pumps are used in a variety of industries including pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. They are popular in these diverse industries because of superb sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, and corrosion resistance.

Ginhong manufactures not only bidirectional mixer machine, but also conventional mixer rotating in one direction. If you have any demand in blending homogenization, emulsion preparation, dissolution, etc, please contact us for further communication.

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