The simplified RS-100L vacuum emulsifying equipment was completed in advance of the delivery time. The whole mixer was divided into three pieces, and they were packed in wooden cases. These cases are waiting for the cargo from other manufacturer and all of them will be sent to Zimbabwe together.

100L Tilting Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment Made for Zimbabwean Customer

This equipment was tailored for a new customer in Zimbabwe, and it will be applied in cosmetic industry to make a variety of cream and lotion. Africa is one of the fastest developing markets in the world, which drives huge demand for cosmetic products such as soaps, face washes, shampoos, body and skin lotions and perfumes. In the past, cosmetics sold in Africa mainly depended on import, but nowadays many African companies have purchased cosmetic making machines to manufacture products locally.

RS simplified vacuum emulsifying machine is suitable for customers with tight budget to make small batches of cream and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It has similar functions with standard type. The main difference between these two tyepes is the lifting system for main tank cover. This simplified mixer utilizes double pneumatic cylinders to lift the cover. The obvious advantages of pneumatic cylinder are cheap in cost and not harmful to environment. Moreover, it can work normally in flammable, explosive, dusty,strong magnetic and other harsh environment. From this point, it is superior to hydraulic and electrical control.

RS-100L vaccum emulsifying machine

RS-100L vacuum emulsifying machine

This RS-100L mixer is mainly made of 100L double jacketed main tank, 60L oil phase tank, 60L water phase tank, vacuum system, pneumatic lifting system, tilting system, heating and cooling system and electrical control panel. The 1.1kw motor drives frame agitator and scrapers rotating clockwise, while the 3kw motor drives the homogenizer couter-rotating. The PTFE composite scraper is close to the pot wall, which effectively solves the problem of material contamination on the wall. Homogenizer makes material emulsification more thorough. Customers can choose to run any of the stirrers or both of them according to your recipes.

The main tank has a working lamp for operators to observe the emulsification of materials at any time. Oil tank, water tank and main tank adopt outer insulation, in order to prevent staff from being scalded during the process of heating. After the materials in water vessel and oil vessel fully mixed, they will be drawn into main tank by vacuum pump. Extracting air from the material can ensure that the product is glossy, exquisite and ductile. Mixing speed, homogenization speed and material temperature of each can be set on electrical control cabinet. When the materials reach the pre-set value, the red “heating off” button will be on and the heaters automatically turn off.

RS-100L vacuum emulsifying mixer

RS-100L vaccum emulsifying equipment

The tilting system is driven by combination of turbine and worm. After the product is completed, operators can discharge it by spinning the black hand wheel beside the main tank. There’s a limit switch attached with hand wheel. Only when you tilt the tank vertically, the machine is powered. If you tilt the tank a little bit forward, the machine will not be powered and you can’t bring down the lid and do any electric operation. Or you can open the bottom valve under the tank for discharging.

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