This afternoon a 20” containerful of chemical mixers was delivered to Kelang port, Malaysia. The package includes mixing vessels, multi-shaft mixers, portable vessel mixers, vacuum pumps and spare parts.

Chemical industry is the basic industry in Malaysia. These chemical mixers will be used make balm, which is an oily chemical ingredient for making cream and ointment. With increasing global demand for natural oil chemicals, Malaysian government encourages to develop oil chemicals and derivative product such as detergent, cosmetics, food and so on. Customer is an engineering company which is professional in providing chemical mixers for worldwide chemical companies. We have cooperated with them for some years. They trust us very much for the quality control and fast delivery.

Mixing vessels are for making low viscosity preparations and fluid. And multi-shaft mixers are suitable for the production of viscous pastes and suspensions. Our chemical mixers employ high intensity mixing to disperse and mix materials into primary particles, and eliminate fisheyes for more uniform end products. And they have applied into numerous productions including dispersion and emulsion of polymers, adhesives, coating, liquid detergent, and cosmetic cream.

Chemical mixers

This chemical mixers order was put in July with tight manufacturing time for us. It happens that it’s extremely hot this summer in China. We have fewer working days than usual because of the weather. In the busy season, each worker carried forward the spirit of hard work and strived to achieve new breakthroughs in production. Eventually, we made it to deliver these mixers on time.

After the container truck arrived at our factory this afternoon, we took one of the 20” containers off the truck by two bridge cranes. It’s easier for us to load the container with mixing vessels, multi-shaft mixers and portable vessel mixers on the ground. The six pieces of chemical mixers just fit the container well and were fixed firmly. After all the mixers were loaded, we sealed the container and lifted it back onto the truck. And these chemical mixers will arrive Malaysia in eight days.

Ginhong has accumulated decades of practical experience in the design of chemical mixer . If you have similar requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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