A new drilling machine was put into use recently in our workshop. The drilling machine is a machine used to drill or bore round holes in something, especially stainless steel in our industrial mixers.

There was an old drilling machine in our factory before. It was bought in Wuxi and works fine. With this drilling machine, we can make holes in the stainless steel sheets without delaying production.

The business goes better and better now in our factory. We’ve got some big deals from several cosmetics factories. The deals include lots of mixing machines, emulsifying machines and storage tanks etc. Obviously one old drilling machine is not fast enough to drill all these holes necessary.

The purchasing manager searched the web and found several drilling machine suppliers in China. After comparing the price, quality and services, he finally chose a supplier from Shanghai province. It’s an old company and has good reputation in the market.

The new drilling machine arrived at our factory several days ago. Our technicians installed it in beside the old one. It works perfect now and our workers like using it.

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