Water in Oil Emulsion: Definition, Example, and Solution

Oil in water and water in oil

Image Source: Differencebetween.com Does oil have water in it? When oil reaches its dew point, it has a 100% concentration of dissolved water. Condensation causes fat to become cloudier as it gets cooler. The polar chemistry of the base stock and oil additions affects the dew point temperature. Image Source: Cassoil.com Do oil and water […]

Flavor Emulsion: What it is and How it’s Made

vacuum emulsifying mixer

When baking, food-making, or candy-making, adding flavoring to your meal is of utmost importance. No matter the diet of anyone, producers understand that flavoring for healthy snacks tastes good and better. Emulsion in flavoring makes it taste purer because of its water-based elements. Also, it helps flavor blend into food items, unlike flavor extract. Flavor […]

How is ketchup made: truth, background, history, facts and production

Man pouring ketchup

Image Source: History How ketchup is made the truth Millions of people on this planet eat ketchup almost every day. They spread it on their French Fries or Hot Dogs without realizing how much work it takes to make that little red sauce. Since its creation, the manufacturing process of ketchup has not changed much. […]

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