A repeat customer from Chile ordered one set of simplified RX-100L vacuum homogenizing mixer machine to make mayonnaise. It’s the third time he purchased machines from us. Before this 100 liters mixer, he took a 20 liters simplified RS emulsifying mixer and a 0.75kw inline homogenizer.

Chile Customer Bought RX-100L Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer for Making Mayonnaise

Simplified version mixers

As customer has experiences on mayonnaise process, he finally chose our RX simplified design because of his tight budget. Our simplified version mixers are designed for beginners and customers who don’t have enough money to take production version mixers. The basic functions of vacuum, mixing, homogenizing, lifting up and down, heating and cooling are kept. The main difference is the lifting system.

In production version, the lifting system is powered by a hydraulic pack. While in simplified version, pneumatic pistions are used to take the tank lid up and down. Of course hydraulics is more stable and durable than pneumatics. And it can take heavy load. So hydraulic pack can be equipped for mixers up to 2000 liters. The maximum tank size powered by pneumatic pack is only 100 liters.

RX-100L homogenizing mixer

Customer also requested some changes based on our standard RX-100L homogenizing mixer. To let mayonnaise fall down quickly to the bottom homogenizer chamber, customer asked for conical tank bottom instead of round dish bottom. For us, both designs are no problem.

He also asked for two small hoppers attached above the homogenizer chamber (rotor stator). The purpose of the hoppers is to add dry ingredients during mayonnaise production by vacuum. When liquids are added inside the manufacturing tank and vacuum generated, you open the valve attached to the hoppers and solids will be sucked into the tank automatically for mixing.
feeding hoppers in simplified RX-100L

Mayonnaise making process is usually cold. There’s no need of heating. Chilled water is applied to cool down the product because of the heat caused by high shear mixing. There’re 3 tanks as a complete unit of vacuum homogenizing mixer. All of them are double jacketed with insulation. They’re ready for both heating and cooling functions. If customer want to make hot process sauces in future, he just connects the machine to the steam boiler.

Our simplified RX-100L vacuum homogenizing mixer is a good choice for making mayonnaise. The final particle size can be up to 2 micro meters. If you have similar requirements, please feel free to contact us to get a detailed quotation.

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