Filipino Customers Inspected SZ-2000L Vacuum Three Shaft Mixer and FS-37kw High Speed Disperser

Two Filipino customers came to Ginhong on February 21 by appointment. The goal of their trip was to know more of our factory and inspect SZ-2000L vacuum three shaft mixer and FS-37kw high speed disperser.

Filipino Customers Inspected SZ-2000L Vacuum Three Shaft Mixer and FS-37kw High Speed Disperser

This customer has supplied fertilizer and pesticide products to local and multinational agricultural companies for decades. Fertilizer and pesticide are vital agricultural inputs in food production. As competition in all industries intensifies, all manufacturers are trying everything possible to remain competitive. Therefore, this Filipino company turned to us for advanced mixing equipment. With the assitance of our mixers, they can produce more high quality product in faster mix cycles to help more customers.

Accompanied by our salesman and technician, customers visited our workshop and inspected the two pieces of equipment. Both the high speed disperser mixer and vacuum triple shaft mixer were filled with water for better observation. SZ-2000L adopts PLC control system which can enhance overall efficiency in multiple ways. The technician showed them each function of the machine by the touchscreen. They advised to change the size of blade in FS-37kw to adapt their production. In general, our production capacity and the quality of two machines won the approval of customers. Customers and we reached an agreement about the quantity of spare parts and the details of next order. In addition, we will provide relevant documents and make necessary labels for connections.

SZ-2000L vacuum three shaft mixer

SZ-2000L vacuum three shaft mixer is mainly composed of one 2000L manufacturing vessel, 22kw disperser motor,11kw agitator geared motor, a set of 22kw batch homogenizer, 4kw vacuum pump, pneumatic valves and Siemens PLC operating system. There is one high speed shaft equipped with two saw-tooth dispersers, doubling standard shear input. Stainless steel blades and Teflon scrapers are mounted on an anchor agitator for slow mixing. Top entry homogenizer is for dissolving, emulsifying and homogenizing.

Product temperature, mixing speed and time, dispersing time and speed, valves on and off, and pressure value all can be set in PLC parameters window. PLC system can avoid human error to ensure faster batching and consistent product quality. PLC capabilities has brought a huge improvement in production, such as safer and more comfortable working conditions, high product yield, short processing time and low production cost etc.

High speed disperser

High speed disperser is an economical and relatively simple piece of mixing equipment, its primary purpose is to dissolve powders into liquid and break down agglomerates to produce uniform dispersion. FS-37kw high speed disperser is equipped with 2000L portable tank. Portable tank can be easily rolled away on wheels or picked up with a fork truck. A change-can design allows continuous operation through use of interchangeable vessels, including for mixing, discharging, cleaning and preparation.

FS-37kw High Speed Disperser

A disc type blade is mounted at the bottom end of the mixing shaft rotating at a relatively high tip speed. The solids and liquids are drawn into the rotating blade by the suction it creates. This suction usually results in vigorous turbulent flow from the top of the mixture down to the top of the blade. The blade can be lifted by hydraulic cylinder, which enables the operator to raise the blade out of the mixing vessel and change to another vessel.

Mixing and blending used in a broad range of operations whose ultimate aim is to achieve a homogeneous material. The professionals at Ginhong can help find the suitable mixer for your specific application. Besides vacuum three shaft mixer and high speed disperser, we also custom design vacuum homogenizer mixer, perfume mixer, planetary disperser mixer, and so on. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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