Four Sets of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Machines Delivered to India

Before Chinese new year, Ginhong’s workers completed the production task of four sets of pharmaceutical manufacturing machines on time. RB-450L and RB-600L vacuum homogenizer cream mixers, and YX-600L and YX-900L vacuum mixing kettles were loaded in one forty feet high container and delivered to Nhava Sheva port on February 4th.

Four Sets of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Machines Delivered to India

These four pieces of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment were purchased by an Indian regular customer. After years of trade, the quality and superior aftersales service of our products have convinced this customer. Apart from the volume, the appearance and structure of RB-450L and RB-600L are totally identical, and so are YX-600L and YX-900L.

RB vacuum emulsifying mixer is widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for the manufacture of viscous emulsions and suspensions. It’s especially suitable for making big and continuous batches of cream and emulsions.

We adopt three jackets in the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier for electric heating. Each vacuum emulsifying blender is made of emulsion tank, inline homogenizer, hydraulic lifting system, heating and cooling system, and temperature control system etc.

450L pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment

RB vacuum emulsifier mixer

RB vacuum emulsifier mixer is designed with double hydraulic cylinders. The double hydraulic cylinders are for lifting the lid of mixing tank. There’s a anchor agitator, a high speed disperser and a baffle mounted from the top of the cover, which are perfect combination for mixing. Safety devices are equipped to guarantee that the mixing parts won’t start when the cover is lifted.

The vacuum emulsifier mixer is mounted with a ZX-7.5KW emulsion pump outside the mixing tank horizontally. There are two pipes connected from the discharge valve to the inlet of the homogenizer and from the outlet to the top edge of the tank body for external circulation. And the feeding hopper is for adding powders and liquids. Besides, the inline mixer is installed with castor wheels and handrail for flexible move.

YX vacuum mixing tank is a stainless steel mixer for the production of low-viscosity preparations and fluids in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals industries.

YX vacuum mixing tank

Vacuum mixing vessel

Each vacuum mixing vessel is fixed on the stainless steel platform with staircases. It’s made of mixing tank, vacuum pump, and temperature control system etc. The stainless steel blending tanks will be used to make gelatin, which is commonly applied in food, pharmaceutical drugs, vitamin capsules, and cosmetic manufacturing.

The mixing tank is composed of an anchor agitator mounted from the top cover and two baffles. During the mixing operation, the anchor agitator rotates clockwise slowly driving the materials move along the wall. And the materials on the wall will be scraped off by Teflon blades on the anchor agitator.

A CIP system (clean-in-place) is also equipped on the machine. There are two 360° rotating spray balls attached under the cover. When CIP station drives water to the spray balls with high pressure, the balls start to rotate and spray water at the same time. In this way, the inside of the vessel can be cleaned without dead corners.

We are committed to providing high standard products with great customer service, competitive pricing and speedy delivery. Ginhong’s staff of sales and technical support are available to help you in selecting the proper mixer. If you want to know more of pharmaceutical manufacturing machine, please contact us right now.

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