Ginhong finished a 200 liters stainless steel electric heating kettle today. It’s ordered by a domestic food company to cook crayfish which is a very popular dish here in summer season.

Ginhong Finished a 200L Electric Heating Kettle for Cooking Crayfish

200L Electric heating kettle

This 200L electric heating kettle is made of a single jacketed tank, a support base, a tilting system, three electric heating elements and a control panel. At first, we sugguested customer to make it double jacketed with insulation. It’s safer for the worker to operate the machine in case of burn. But due to cost consideration, customer finally decided not to add insulation. They’ll do it by themselves after they receive the kettle.

The single jacekted tank is actually made of two dome heads which are welded together to hold heat conductive oil. There’re three 6kw electric heating elements embedded on the bottom of the dome head. Customer will fill the jacket with heat conductive oil. When they turn the heaters on, the oil will be heated quickly to cook the crayfish inside. They didn’t choose water as heat medium is because oil is easier and faster to be heated with high boiling point. And they will not cool down the kettle as they’ll cook crayfish batch by batch with no stop.

In some electric heating kettles, there’s a top entry agitator which is used to mix the different contents inside. But it’s no need of it in this case as crayfish is big in size and we have to keep it original form after cooking. So the workers will stir the crayfish manually during heating to make it cooked evenly.

200L electric heating kettle

To make the system easy discharging, cooling and maintenance, we used a manual tilting system which is composed a worm, gear and spinner. When you spin the hand wheel clockwise, the kettle will be tilted backwards. When you spin it anti-clockwise, the kettle will be tilted forwards. It’s quite convenient for workers to pour out the crayfish after cooking.

The independent control panel will be fixed on the wall beside this 200L electric heating kettle for convenient access and operation. Temperature can be set on the temperature controller to decide the start and stop of heating elements. There’s a limit switch for worker protection. When the kettle is tilted forwards, the system will be powered off automatically.

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electric heating elements in 200L electric heating kettle

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