One whole set of RX-400L vacuum homogenization mixer machine with Siemens PLC and 10″ Weinview touch screen was made by Ginhong transporting to Shanghai port on September 4th. It’s adopted the most advanced design from Europe, and we can offer you the most competitive price with the same quality.

Ginhong Made a RX-400 Vacuum Homogenization Mixer Machine With PLC for a Regular American Customer

This 400 liters RX series vacuum mixer homogenizer is purchased by a regular customer in New York to make skincare cream. The American customer first visited our website, then got in touch with us by an email. After the communication with each other for more than half a year, he placed the first trial order RX-20 to us in 2016. Content with the experiment of small capacity RX-20 and RX-50, the customer determined to order the RX-400 emulsifier machine for big batches at last.

RX vacuum homogenization mixer without hydraulics is for the manufacturing of viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. This type of mixer is particularly fit for those customers who want to make big batches of cream and ointment with limited budget. And the capacity of the mixing tank ranges from 200L to 5000L, which is particularly fit for producing big batches of cream and emulsions with large quantity of powders.

RX vacuum homogenization machine

RX vacuum homogenization machine is mainly composed of one set of Siemens PLC, 10″ Weinview human-machine interface, a steam heating double jacketed tank, oil phase kettle, water phase kettle, vacuum system, a top mounted anchor agitator with Teflon scrapers, a bottom entry inline homogenizer with cooling water free mechanic seal, platform, stair and a lot of pneumatic valves etc.

There are two circulation loops of homogenizer for this 400 liters vacuum homogenization mixer machine. If customer wants to make only half volume of the tank, he starts the short loop only. If he wants to make the full batch, he starts the long loop or both. It is a special design for big size machines.

400L vacuum homogenizer mixer

Siemens PLC with 10″ Weinview touch screen is the design highlight of RX-400 vacuum homogenizer cream mixer. PLC (short for Programmable Logic Controller) is a digital operation system designed for practical industrial application. It adopts a programmable memory to perform specific instructions such as logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations in its internal storage, and control various types of machinery or production process through digital and analog input and output.

For the main advantages of easy use, saving wiring and labor, flexible design, PLC has been widely applied to all kinds of control systems, and taken charge of the core task in factory automation control. In general, small scale PLC is suitable for factories and schools, and large PLC is usually for industrial applications.

Ginhong provides a variety of vacuum homogenization mixer machine with top-ranking quality and good after-sales service, which helps us to accumulate quite a few regular customers. If you want to make quality cream and other emulsions, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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