Two of the hot-selling pharmaceutical mixers were made in Ginhong, named RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier mixer and YX-1000 vacuum mixing tank. The two mixers for the pharmaceutical industry were designed specially by our professional technical department for an Indian regular customer in April and transported to Shanghai port in a 40″ open top container yesterday.

Ginhong Manufactured Two Pharmaceutical Mixers for an Indian Supplier

Ginhong supplies not only standard range of mixers, but also tailored mixers according to every single customer’s demand. Whatever equipment you select, the quality is absolutely the first concern and well guaranteed. We will focus on this mixing field only and to be the real expert . We’ll share all the knowledge and experiences with you and try our best to meet your unique mixing need.

This Indian customer placed the first order to us in 2011. He was satisfied with our products through the trial order and cooperated with us from then on. He acquaints the domain knowledge of pharmaceutical mixing equipment. Therefore, he purchases the primary machine from China and produces control cabinet and vacuum system in India. After that, he sells the whole mixer to his clients, and offers the services including machine installation, after-sale service, maintenance and so on.

When the two pharmaceutical mixers were almost finished, the Indian customer came to our factory for the inspection. With the company of our engineers, electricians and sales manager, he inspected the machines carefully and exchanged ideas with them. And he decided to modify a few of particulars integrating his customer’s requirements with our discussion.

RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier mixer

RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier mixer is widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for making viscous emulsions and suspensions. It’s especially suitable for making big and continuous batches of cream and emulsions.

RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier mixer

We adopt double jackets in this customized RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier machine for electric heating. This pharmaceutic blender is made of mixing tank, materials circulation system, heating and cooling system, temperature control system etc.

The vacuum emulsifier mixer is equipped with a ZX-11KW inline homogenizer mounted outside the stainless steel mixing vessel horizontally. There are two pipes connected from the discharge valve to the inlet of the homogenizer and from the outlet to the top edge of the vessel body. Most of all, it’s our first high shear mixer, which takes jacketed workhead with water cooling function. Furthermore, there’s a high speed disperser mounted from the top of the cover which helps dissolve the ingredients. Anyway, the high speed disperser is not included in common RB vacuum emulsifier mixer.

YX-1000 vacuum mixing tank

YX-1000 vacuum mixing tank is one of the industrial mixing machines for the manufacture of low-viscosity preparations and fluids in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals industries.

The tailored YX-1000 vacuum mixing tank is heated by circulating hot water. It’s made of mixing tank, heating and cooling system, temperature control system etc. The end user will use the machine to make different polymers.

polymer vacuum mixing tank

The mixing tank is usually composed of an anchor agitator mounted from the top cover. Four baffles are attached to the inside wall. During the mixing operation, the anchor agitator rotates clockwise slowly driving the materials move along the wall. When the liquid meets the baffles, some change the moving direction and some pass the baffles from around.

Both RB-1000 vacuum emulsifier mixer and YX-1000 vacuum mixing tank are designed with double hydraulic cylinders, which differs from the usual single hydraulic pump.The double hydraulic cylinders is used to lift the cover of mixing tank and the tank itself as well. This advanced design is helpful to discharge the finished cream conveniently. Safety devices are equipped to guarantee that the mixing part won’t start when the cover is lifted.

YX-1000 vacuum mixing vessel

Ginhong industrial mixers and blenders comply with international quality standards and have got good feedback in a variety of different markets throughout the world. If you want further information of our pharmaceutical mixer, please contact us right now.

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