Ginhong Produced One ZX-7.5kw High Shear Pump for Making Environmental Protection Materials

One brand new ZX-7.5kw high shear pump was sent to Atlanta by air, which was packed with a layer of wrapping film and sealed in a wooden box. The inline high shear mixer is the most popular type among all the products Ginhong manufactured.

Ginhong Produced One ZX-7.5kw High Shear Pump for Making Environmental Protection Materials

Ginhong came into the view of the American customer for our own international trade website. After more than one-month communication by emails, he established cooperation relationship with us. As the first order, he bought this fine and compact model to test the quality and performance of our mixer. We firmly believe that our advanced new technology on mixing process can satisfy this new customer from USA.

This customer’s company was founded in 2011 committing to create an energy-efficient future for human beings, which is a pioneer in plant-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive phase change materials. This innovative material can store large amounts of latent heat at targeted temperatures, ranging from -50°C to 175°C, and provides a platform for a broad base of applications to supply maximum energy performance with minimal impact on the environment.

ZX inline high shear pump is suitable for the production of viscous cream, lotion and other emulsions of 5,000~100,000cps viscosity in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The motor power of high shear pump ranges from 1.5kw to 132kw rotating at the speed of 3600rpm.

ZX high shear inline mixer

ZX high shear inline mixer is usually made of one set of rotor and stator, mechanic seal, transmission part and motor etc. The body of the mixer is installed on a stainless steel base. An inlet port and an outlet port are connected to the manufacturing vessel for circulation. A drain port is opened at the bottom of the chamber for the purpose of cleaning.

The electrical control for the machine is 220V, 60hz,ph3 which is strictly according to American standard. The inner contact parts with materials are made of SS316L and non-contact parts SS304. Electrical energy is the source of power for high shear pump, that is to say it mainly depends on the support of the electric power. In this way, the machine can convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. Meanwhile the inline high shear mixer shatters and homogenizes the materials under the powerful shear force. Then the finished products can be discharged from the top of the emulsion pump.

7.5kw high shear pump

ZX series inline mixer is the heart of our RB vacuum emulsifier mixer. It can be connected to any other mixing tanks or auxiliary equipment with necessary pipes as well. In addition, it can be equipped with castor wheels and handrail for convenient move, feeding hopper for adding powders and liquids, control panel with frequency converter for adjusting mixing speed etc.

Nowadays high shear pump has been widely used in chemical industry to make polyester, synthetic fiber, shoe cream, even environmental protection materials. With the help of Ginhong’s mixers, our customer will be able to develop more efficient materials. For further understanding about our products, feel free to contact us.

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