Global financial crisis seems gradually disappearing in mixer and blender industry. Most low end industries got struck heavily by the crisis especially in Europe and US. But China’s economy keeps developing fast and stable.

Ginhong makes several kinds of vacuum emulsifying machines for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Since we started our factory in Jinhu county, Jiangsu Province, the business got boomed. The total sales volume increases around 30% year by year. And export of mixers rises around 50% year by year.

Increasing production demand

To meet the ever increasing production demand, Ginhong started to recruit new workers including welding people, polishing people and assembling people after Chinese New Year holidays. Now four experienced new workers have been working for Ginhong for different positions. With the enforced manufacturing team, we’re now able to satisfy more orders put for vacuum emulsifying machines.

However, we still need more skillful workers for our manufacturing team. It’s difficult to find such a man who not only knows our mixers well but also speaks good English. Although we seldom send any workers to install our emulsifying machines overseas, it’s definitely a future service asked by some customers.

If you’re experienced in this mixers industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an interview. Welcome to join Ginhong family for a bright business career.

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