Ginhong sent five vacuum storage tanks to a local pharmaceutical factory in Jiangsu Province last Friday. They will be used to store a kind of high quality preparation after it’s mixed in the vacuum mixing tank.

Ginhong Sent Five Vacuum Storage Tanks to a Pharmaceutical Factory

It’s another long-term cooperation customer with Jinhu Ginhong Machinery. We have worked together on storage tanks and pharmaceutical mixers since our company was founded.

These tanks are tailor made with different nozzles around the tank body. Although it’s a small tank, it takes long time to make it, especially to polish it. Because we are lack of advanced polishing tools, it’s difficult to polish every corner of the small vacuum tanks.

Stainless steel polishing

Stainless steel polishing refers to the process of reducing the surface roughness of workpiece by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to obtain a bright and smooth surface. So every piece of the tank is hand polished with 100% attention. Customer has already been satisfied with the result compared with the quality offered by other domestic tank suppliers.

Vacuum is a vital part in vacuum storage tanks. It can suck the product in automatically. With the vacuum function, the preparation can be stored in a sanitary environment to avoid the bacteria and dust. And it can be kept for a longer time compared to open and closed type tanks. With the development of economy, hygiene requirement is more and more stringent. Therefore, vacuum storage tanks are very important equipment to isolate air, bacteria and dust to prevent recontamination after treatment.

Vaccum storage vessels

These five vaccum storage vessels are customized according to customer requirements and have good sealing effect. They are made of SUS316L stainless steel and 320 mesh polishing treatment. And they are also equipped with manhole, CIP cleaning, feed port and discharge port etc.

Ginhong designs and fabricates high quality vacuum storage tanks that are safe and reliable. If you have requirements for vacuum storage tanks, please feel free to contact us and we’ll make them according to your special need.

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