JX-4kw IBC Tank Mixer and YX-5000L Open Mixing Vessel Sent to Singapore

One set of JX-4kw IBC tank mixer and one set of YX-5000L open mixing vessel were loaded into a truck by Ginhong’s workers on July 26th. And these two pieces of equipment will leave Shanghai port for Singapore next Wednesday.

JX-4kw IBC Tank Mixer and YX-5000L Open Mixing Vessel Sent to Singapore

This customer first sent an inquiry to us from our company website. After some further communication of each other, they decided to visit our factory for cooperation. A group of three people represented their company to make a field inspection of Ginhong at the end of last year. Our salesman accompanied them to check the craft and functions of stainless steel mixer in the workshop. By comparision with several competitors, they ultimately chose our company as their vendor in China.

This Singaporean company is a leading supplier in marine safety field to help consumers be equipped or solve any fire fighting and life safety issues. They implement quality management system ISO 9001 : 2015 to ensure all customers receive the highest quality service. Their main products are fire extinguishing systems, life boats, marine gases, and chemicals. With business expansion, they have set up worldwide subsidiaries such as China, USA and Asia.

Intermediate bulk container

An intermediate bulk container (IBC), or pallet tank, is a necessary tool for storage and transportation of liquid products. In large scale industrial production, there are many occasions where chemical containers similar to IBC are used. IBC is a chemical container with a very small entrance. When the outer diameter of blades exceeds the entrance of IBC, the ordinary mixer blades can not reach the requirement. Generally, folding blades can be used in this situation.

After the container is in place, the pneumatic lifter lowers the folding blades and inserts them into the small entrance of the container. The mixer starts mixing when the folding blades are open. When finish mixing, start the pneumatic lifting mechanism to rise the shaft. After the shaft is above the barrel, the mixer can be pulled away easily with four castors. The function of IBC tank mixer is mixing. This mixer will be used to match the container in customer’s factory.

Stainless steel mixing tank

The stainless steel mixing tank is made of 5000L single layer vessel, 11kw agitator geared motor and electrical control cabinet. The mixing tank is composed of a shaft with three blades from the top cover. The cover of open mixing vessel is made of two portable lids which can be easily taken away for adding raw materials and cleaning the vessel. There are four hangers around the body of the vessel for putting it into the frame of platform in customer’s plant.

YX-5000L open mixing vessel

Ninety percent of enterprises like to choose stainless steel mixing tank for production because of corrosion resistance and long service life. The main functions of mixing tank are mixing, dispersing, homogenizing and so on. And it can effectively save labor, shorten the mixing time and accelerate production process. It has been broadly applied in chemical, building materials, medicine, water treatment, and food processing etc.

If you also have demand on mixing aspect, welcome to get in touch with us for more details about IBC tank mixer and open mixing vessel. Our salesmen and engineers will try their best to offer the optimum solution for your unique requirement.

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