LZ-1000L Liquid Detergent Mixer Made for Armenian Customer

One LZ-1000L liquid detergent mixer was sent to Shanghai port on June 20th. It was manufactured for a repeat customer in Armenia to make liquid detergent.

LZ-1000L Liquid Detergent Mixer Made for Armenian Customer

This Armenian customer specializes in the production of liquid laundry detergents, dish washing detergent, personal hygiene detergent, hard surface cleaners etc, which are closely linked with our daily life. Ginhong was recommended to this client by a friend of our sales manager. They established business relationship with Ginhong and placed the first order of LZ-2000L double shaft paddle mixer and YX-3000L stainless steel mixing vessel in 2016. It’s their second time to buy vacuum dual shaft mixer from us.

Liquid detergents have been taking major market shares in many countries since their introduction in 1950s. A major component of liquid laundry detergent is based on surfactants that remove soil from the fabric and clean it. With the successful development of organic synthetic surfactant, synthetic detergent is gradually entering people’s life and liquid detergent is achieving rapid progress. Nowadays liquid detergent has been one of the most popular product in the world. Technical process of liquid detergent adopts batch-type mass production process rather than pipelined continuous process. It’s mainly because it involves simple process and wide varieties.

1000L washing liquid mixing machine

Multi-shaft mixer

Multi-shaft mixers are fit for mixing medium to high viscosity or poor flowing materials. The close tolerance between the low speed sweeping blade and tank make it possible to blend the higher viscosity materials. The high shear mixer will reduce particles, disperse them throughout the material and blend them all together to form homogeneous product. Variable speed control provides flexibility and allows our multi-shaft mixers to process a variety of applications. Moreover, they are designed with stainless steel parts for long lasting durability.

The electrical control for this LZ-1000L vacuum double shaft mixer is 380V, 50Hz, Ph3. It is made of one 5.5kw scraper motor rotating at the speed of 51rpm, one top mounted center shaft with anchor agitator, one 11kw homogenizer driven by ABB motor and rotating at the speed of 3000rpm, four 8kw electric heaters, one 3.85kw vacuum pump and one electrical control cabinet. Working capacity of the mixing vessel can be tailored from 200L to 10000L.

Ginhong is a leading supplier in the design and manufacturing of liquid detergent mixers, as well as powder liquid mixers, vacuum emulsifier homogenizers and planetary mixers. Our technology has many applications in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry. Due to our valuable experience, we have created a huge client base all over the world.

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