LZ-500L Vacuum Double Shaft Mixer Delivered to Belgium

Ginhong’s employees completed the production of 500 liters vacuum double shaft mixer last week. The vacuum pump and electrical control panel were packed in wooden boxes. The cover and body of the vessel were surrounded by iron pallets. They were sent to Shanghai port on December 19th.

LZ-500L vacuum double shaft mixer delivered to Belgium

This mixer was manufactured for a new customer who serves in floor solutions, roof and waterproofing in Belgium. And it will be used to make polyurethane self leveling products for floors. Polyurethane self leveling products can make the floor seamless, tough and wearproof. They meet high performance requirements in chemical resistance, resistance to temperutures and thermal shock, mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane self leveling products have been widely applied to schools, hospitals, offices, canteens and factories.

Dual shaft mixer is a versatile and cost effective system for mixing and dispersing high viscosity product. It generally combines a low speed anchor with a high speed disperser or homogenizer. The high speed disperser typically provides high shear force to disperse or dissolve ingredients. The low speed anchor helps to feed the material back into the disperser. The low speed blade with scrapers also improves heat transfer from external jacket. Each agitator is independently operated by an inverter for variable speed. Other available options include vacuum seal, jackets for heating and cooling and a variety of discharge valves, etc.

LZ-500L vacuum dual shaft mixer

The electrical control for this LZ-500L mixer is 380V, 50Hz, Ph3. It mainly consists of 500L mixing vessel, 4kw agitator motor, 7.5kw disperser motor , 2.35kw vacuum pump, and electrical control cabinet. This kind mixer is equipped with one disperser in usual. But this LZ-500L adopts two dispersers, because two dispersers can broaden dispersion area and improve efficiency greatly. They are more suitable for making viscous products. The vessel is single layer made of 304 stainless steel.

LZ-500L vacuum dual shaft mixer

For customer doesn’t need heating and cooling in the mixing process, single layer tank is a good choice for him. Single layer stainless steel tank only has one layer, which is generally suitable for storing, mixing and reacting materials. If customers want mixing tank with heating or cooling functions, you should select multi-layer stainless steel mixing tank. The double layer stainless steel mixing tank is a tank with a jacket, which usually applies cooling only. Three layer stainless steel mixing tank adds a layer based a double layer tank, and the middle layer for heating and cooling, the outer layer for insulation.Understanding the difference of stainless steel mixing tank layers, customers can easily choose the right machine according to their own production requirement.

Ginhong has valuable experience in producing vacuum double shaft mixers for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. If you are interested in any of our mixer, please contact us right now.

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