On October 20th, Ginhong’s sales manager picked up Nigerian customer from Nanjing airport to our factory. His Chinese raw material supplier accompanied him for inspection of the first order, which includes a full set of vacuum homogenization mixer, perfume mixers, stainless steel closed storage mixing tanks and open mixing vessels.

Nigerian Customer Came to Ginghong for Inspection of 1000 liters Vacuum Homogenization Mixer

He takes charge of a cosmetic company which manufactures good quality personal care and household products in Nigeria. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, with approximately 186 million inhabitants. It overtook South Africa to become Africa’s largest economy in 2014. This company is a vital supplier among multinational competitors in the Nigerian cosmetic industry.

vacuum homogenization mixer without hydraulics

RX series vacuum homogenization mixer without hydraulics is a complete vacuum mixer machine which adopts European technology and is suitable for almost all kinds of emulsions including cream, lotion and toothpaste. It especially fits for making big batches of cream and emulsions with large quantity of powders in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

vacuum homogenizer mixer without hydraulics

The specially made machine is used for mass production of cosmetic cream. It comprises one 400L oil phase tank, one 1000L main emulsifying tank, one 1000L mixing tank, one 1000L storage tank, two electric control cabinets and one stair case with a platform made of stainless steel plate.

This whole equipment is heated by steam for its large capacity. The first tank(A) is for melting oil phase ingredients, the second tank(B) is for heating and emulsifying ingredients, the third tank(C) is for mixing and cooling the ingredients, and the fourth tank(D) is for storing the finished products. The design separates the heating and cooling, which can accelerate the process of manufacturing. Another particular design is LP lobe pump. If the product is unqualified, it can be returned from tank C and D to tank B for reproducing with the help of lobe pump.

vacuum homogenization mixer

There is one alarm light on the top of each vessel. The alarm light will be on and rotating when there is positive pressure in the vessel. In this situation, workers can’t open the manhole in case of being hurt. A powder inlet port is reserved on tank B and tank C for customer to add solid ingredient and some cold liquid ingredients. Besides, we select Schneider Electric brands parts installed in control panel to ensure the long lifespan of machine.

perfume mixer

The customer checked each equipment carefully and thoroughly in the workshop with the company of our sales manager. Then he put forward which parts must be adjusted and which parts they will do themselves on basis of their specific situation. For the face-to-face communication, the cooperation between factory and user will be smoother in the near future.

Ginhong has accumulated abundant experience and knowledge in vacuum homogenization mixer for producing cosmetic products, such as cream, lotion, perfume, lipstick, powder, and toothpaste. If you also manufacture these products, get in touch with us to learn more.

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