One complete set of RS simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and air cooled water chiller was finished today. They were ordered by a cosmetic company after Chinese New Year. Customer will use our RS mixer to make medium viscosity cream and use the chiller to cool it down before filling.

One set of RS Simplified Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer and air Cooled Water Chiller Finished

Customer viewed our product range and firstly chose RS production vacuum emulsifying mixer. But he thought that the price of production type is a little bit higher for him after receiving our quotation. So he asked us to recommend a cheaper cream mixer with similar functions.

Simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer

According to his requirements, simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer is the best choice for him. It has very similar functions as production vacuum emulsifying mixer. The batch high shear homogenizator is entered from the top cover and adopts rotor stator design. Of course there’re some differences between these two types.

The main difference is the lifting system for the cover. Production vacuum emulsifying mixer takes hydraulic system to lift the cover. It’s strong and can lift the cover of mixers up to 3000L. Simplified vacuum emulsifying mixers use pneumatic pistons as the source of cover lifting. It’s cheap and suitable for small batch size within 100L capacity.

The second difference is the vacuum system for the emulsifying tank. Production vacuum emulsifying mixers uses water ring type vacuum pump to generate vacuum. It’s powerful, quick and efficient. Simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer uses rotary propeller type vacuum pump for vacuum generation. It’s suitable for small batch and has lower vacuum capability.

Air cooled water chiller

The air cooled water chiller will be used to cool the cream after it’s mixed and emulsified inside the emulsifying mixer. Customer need to cool the cream from 90 degree Celsius down to 40 degree within 40 minutes and asked for a quality chiller. So we equipped a 2 horse power water chiller for the mixer. Our technicians have tested the simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and air cooled water chiller in our factory. Both machines worked well.

RS simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer is fit for customers on tight budget to make small batches. We also supply accessory equipments for mixers, such as air cooled chiller, high speed disperser, hydraulic ram discharge press and storage tank etc. If you need any of them, please contact us without hesitation.

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