One complete set of RX-100 mayonnaise making machine was sent to Guangzhou this afternoon. It included one 100L simplified vacuum homogenizing mixer, one 500L storage vessel, one 3HP water chiller and one vacuum pump. All of these were packed in six wooden boxes. The destination of these machines is Lusaka, Zambia. The machines are to be used for a food factory to make mayonnaise.

One Set of RX-100 Mayonnaise Making Machine Delivered to Lusaka, Zambia

One month ago customer came to Ginhong to inspect and test the mixer. The mixing machine and fittings worked well and customer was satisfied. You can read the news here: After the test, he asked us to do some tiny improvements which would be more suitable for the mayonnaise making.

RX series vacuum homogenizing mixer

Our RX series vacuum homogenizing mixer is one of the most popular vacuum homogenizer mixing machines among our customers worldwide. The ordered machine is the simplified version of standard RX vacuum homogenizer mixer. It is a complete vacuum homogenizing system which adopts European technology and is suitable for almost all kinds of viscous emulsions, especially for tight budget factories in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. This customer will use our machine to make mayonnaise.

We’ve sold many RX series vacuum homogenizing machines to customers in domestic and overseas. Customer got to know us from the internet and we had a very pleasant communication with them. Customer said that it’s because of our good experience and professional knowledge of mixing products that drives them to choose our RX-100 simplified vacuum homogenizing machine.

RX-100 simplified vacuum homogenizing mixer for making mayonnaise

Vacuum homogenizing mixer has a powerful bottom mounted high shear homogenizer which combines oil and water phase ingredients efficiently. Hydraulic lifting system is equipped for easy cleaning and maintenance. A hopper is installed outside the machine for easy powder feeding. Powder are sucked by vacuum and directly mixed into liquid without flying dusts.

The tank has double jackets with heating and cooling functions. Because of low temperature requirement for making mayonnaise, customer chose to use the water chiller to lower the main tank temperature. Customer also used vacuum storage vessel for holding mayonnaise transferred by lobe pump.

For more information about mayonnaise making machines, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. Our sales person will give you a detailed explanation.

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