One official from Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine came to Ginhong to inspect the food mixing machine which will be shipped to a food manufacturer in Egypt.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, our staff has handed over the necessary documents about our food mixing machines. These documents will be used to apply for the pre-shipment inspection certificate which is required by Egyptian Customs.

These documents include commercial invoice, packing list, sales contract, inspection application, real price guarantee and food mixing machine quality test report etc.

As appointed, we sent a car to pick the official up from CIQ (China Inspection & Quarantine). After the arrival, he started to work immediately. Firstly he cross checked all the documents for our food mixing machines to make sure that all documents were prepared correctly.

Quality inspection

The food mixing machine quality inspection is the most important part. Some Chinese suppliers sold poor quality machines to Egyptian buyers with good price. That’s not fair at all and has caused a lot of complain during Egyptian importers and end users.

We printed out the industry standard of vacuum emulsifying machine numbered QB/T 1170-1997. The official looked it through and then checked our food mixing machine one point after another to make sure that our food machine works fine according to the industry standard.

The whole inspection was a success and the official was impressed by our machine’s smooth running. After he went to CIQ, he would send the inspection report to the bureau. Then we’ll get the pre-shipment inspection certificate for our food mixing machine.

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