Ginhong’s technican had experimented the newly completed RB-300L vacuum emulsification mixer before the delivery to Thailand. Aftter making sure each component was flawless, our workers took apart the whole equipment into four pieces. The main mixing kettle was surrounded by iron pallet, and the other three are respectively packed in wooden cases. They were sent to Shanghai port in a truck on September 27th.

RB-300L Vacuum Emulsification Mixer Delivered to Coffee Processing Factory

Vacuum emulsifying blender

The 300 liters stainless steel vacuum emulsifying blender was customized for a new customer in food industry. And it will be used to make condensed sweet cream milk. This Thai customer is an expert in producing roasted coffee bean. Their headquarters is located in Bangkok, and affilicated agencies are in Chiang Mai and Khon Khan. They are the distributor for coffee roasting machine, such as Toper and Faema which are famous brand from Europe. Moreover, they have their own coffee shop and supply materials and corollary equipment for other coffee shops as well. Above all, they offer barista training and repair for coffee equipment.

7.5kw inline homogenizer

Coffee is darkly colored, bitter, slightly acidic and has a stimulating effect in humans, primarily due to its caffeine content. Coffee was introduced to Thailand in the early 19th century, but Thai people like coffee as much as Europeans. Thailand became an exporter of coffee in 1976. Now it has been one of the top coffee producers in the world and is ranked third among the coffee producing countries of Asia. Thai farmers mainly plant Robasta coffee beans and Arabica coffee beans. More and more coffee lovers are attracted by the coffee here, and the fine coffee industry is growing constantly.

Thai coffee is usually not made with syrup like Starbucks. Many coffee uses condensed milk. Condensed milk takes place of sugar and cream, which makes the flavor of coffee become more strong. Sweetened condensed milk has a thick and creamy texture. Just remember condensed milk is already sweetened so cut back on any added sugar. Besides coffee, condensed sweet cream milk is widely used in baking as well.

RB-300L vacuum emulsifizer mixer

This RB-300L vacuum emulsifizer mixer consists of one 300L mixing vessel, one 3kw agitator motor, one 7.5kw inline homogenizer with hopper and guide wheels, 1.45kw vacuum pump, and an electrical control panel. The materials in the vessel will be heated by two 6kw electric heaters. A conical hopper mounted on the high shear mixer pump is for customer to add powder. The materials in the hopper can be quickly sucked to manufacturing vessel by vacuum pump. There are two hoses connected with the emulsification pump and the mixing tank for homogenizing the ingredients circularly and efficiently.

300L vacuum emulsifizer mixer

The constituent of condensed cream milk mainly includes water, sugar, palm oil, butter milk powder, whey and milk powder. Condensed milks have the advantages over fresh cream, for they can be safely stored for months without refrigeration. This was particularly useful in the days before electricity or modern refrigerators when dairy products would spoil rapidly — especially in hot climes or seasons.

Condensed milk and evaporated milk are similar milk products that have had water removed from them, but condensed milk is sweetened and evaporated milk is not. Different countries have different standards and requirements for milk products. In many developing countries, evaporated milk is commonly consumed for its nutritional value. In developed countries, condensed and evaporated milk are often used as an ingredient in various food preparations. Some food industries such as confectioneries use evaporated and condensed milk as a concentrated source of milk in many of their products. The major difference between manufacturing evaporated milk and condensed sweet milk is the method employed to preserve the milk. Sterilisation is the intensive heat treatment used for preserving evaporated milk, whereas sweetened condensed milk is preserved by the addition of sugar and the reduction of water activity.

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