RS-100L Tilting Vacuum Dispersing Mixers Made for American Customer

Ginhong’s staff have completed the production of two sets of steam heated 100 liters vacuum dispersing mixer for a professional cosmetic provider. These two machines are packed in a wooden case separately and they will be shipped to New York in August.

RS-100L Tilting Vacuum Dispersing Mixers Made for American Customer

The two mixers were made for a repeat American customer to produce a wide range of lip glosses. One equipped with a high speed disperser is a conventional type, which is the same as they ordered from our company before. And the other is equipped with a disperser and an anchor agitator, which is purchased for comparison with the traditional one. This American company produces a collection of cosmetic products from lipsticks, eye liner, nail polish, emulsion and much more.

RS-100L vacuum dispersing mixer

RS-100L vacuum dispersing mixer is mainly composed of 100L double jacketed main tank, 4kw disperser motor, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system , tilting system for main emulsifying mixer, heating and cooling system and electrical control panel. The main emulsifying tank consists of a high speed disperser, counter-rotating centre agitator and wall scraper. The disperser, centre agitator and wall scraper are all mounted from the top of the kettle.

cosmetic emulsifier mixer machine

Nobody likes sticky dispensers and that is why tilting emulsifying mixer is the most perfect choice you can make when you plan to set up business for lip butter or lip balm. During the mixing operation, the outer anchor agitator rotates clockwise slowly and then its Teflon blades scrape off the vessel wall so that product will not stick to the wall and burn. Then its impellers give the materials a counterforce that drives the cream into the high speed emulsifying zones. Due to the opposing forces by fixed impellers and wall scraper, the cream is blended rapidly and perfectly. And then its super heating and cooling system ensures that the device maintains manageable temperatures and your job is done just flawlessly.

Lipsticks are a part and parcel of every girl’s life. You can use them to achieve a range of effects from using light colors for the natural look to using bold colors for a more dramatic effect. It turns out that lipstick is not only a product that enhances your beauty but also keeps the lips hydrated and sun protected. Moreover it is medically proved that lipstick also protects you from a possiblity of skin cancer that is caused by the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

lip balm mixing equipment

Lipsticks are generally manufactured in small batches. Before making lipstick, ingredients must be chosen. The most basic ingredients of every lipstick are waxes, oils, and pigments, but many other substances can be introduced into the mix that will improve certain parts of the final product and add some specific new features such as fragrance, longevity and gloss. Some of the most common secondary ingredients are preservatives (to ensure longer shelf life), alcohol (solvent for other substances), fragrance (oils and waxes can sometimes have their own smell and taste, which needs to be eliminated), and others.

Ginhong offers the latest vacuum dispersing mixers for making cosmetic, skin, and hair products. If you have any mixing requirements, please get in touch with us. Our team can offer customized programs to meet each client’s specific goals and budget.

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