Two sets of RS-500L vacuum emulsifying blenders and two sets of YX-1000L storage tanks had been sent to a domestic pharmaceutical factory last night. Along with the blenders and tanks, there’re also some units of rotary lobe pumps, stainless steel fittings and spare parts.

This customer is now building their new workshops for making different pharmaceutical products in Henan province which is located in the center of China. Ointment manufacturing is only a part of the project. We participated in the tender and got the deal this June.

In the production of ointment, the methods are usually divided into three kinds: grinding, melting and emulsification. Solution or suspension is usually prepared by grinding and melting method, while emulsion ointment is prepared by emulsification method. The grinding method is suitable for the preparation of small amount of ointment, and the melting method is suitable for the components with higher melting point. Emulsification method is especially for preparing emulsified ointment in pharmaceutical industry. It is usually produced in batches by vacuum emulsifying mixer.

RS series vacuum emulsifying blender

RS series vacuum emulsifying blender is one of the most popular machines in our products range for pharmaceutical companies to make ointment and cream. In China people often call this series mixer ointment making machine directly. In these two 500L emulsifying blenders, customers will use steam to heat the ointment. The working steam pressure is 3bar.

These two YX-1000 storage tanks are double jacketed vessels with insulation. Because they need to keep the ointment in a warm condition after mixing and then to fill it in the laminated tubes. Double jackets have a good warming features, and it’s good for the mixer too.

Rotary lobe pumps

Rotary lobe pumps are placed between vacuum emulsifying blender and storage tank. After the ointment is ready inside the blender mixer, it will be pumped to the storage tanks for further filling and packaging. And there’re other lobe pumps between our storage tanks and filling sealing machines. Ointment will be transferred to the hopper of filling machine to fill and seal it.

The machines will arrive at customer’s factory this afternoon. The workers of the pharmaceutical company will help put them in their bacteria-free workshops. After they furnish their workshops, our technicians will go to commission our RS-500 vacuum emulsifying blenders and YX-1000 storage tanks.

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