RX-1000L PLC Control Automatic Cosmetic Mixer Delivered to Poland

RX-1000L cosmetic mixer was tailored for a new customer in daily chemical industry. The 1000L manufacturing kettle is along with one 500L oil phase tank and one 900L water phase tank. The whole machine was dismantled to eight pieces for convenient shipment. Everything is well prepared and the complete equipment will be loaded in this week.

RX-1000L PLC Control Automatic Cosmetic Mixer Delivered to Poland

This Polish customer has a company with many years of experience in the comprehensive production of body care cosmetics and fragrance under the client’s own brands, such as Everyday, Parfumini, Ola Cosmetics, Gratia, Alexandree. It offers super services and best quality products to clients in Poland and abroad. For its special background, this customer is very strict with his new supplier. As client’s requirement, the third party had come to Ginhong for factory evaluation and inspection of machine for several times.

In general, many large customers or professional customers carry out factory inspection after placing an order. The purpose is to inspect the quality of the supplied goods and other relevant contents in the contract of sales. Whether the goods supplied by the supplier meet the requirements of the order and other special requirements of the buyer.

manufacturing vessel

Especially for big orders, the requirements for suppliers’ own factories or upstream factories are very high. Only third parties make professional reports to enable them to have a approximate understanding of suppliers. The specific inspection are classified into third processes as below:

Factory assessment

The first one is factory assessment: According to the demands of the customers,the inspection company assigns factory inspectors to inspect the working conditions, production conditions, facilities, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing methods, quality assurance management system and personnel of the production enterprises, and puts forward corresponding explanations and opinions, which can not only discover possible quality accidents and potential problems but also provide for rectification.

The second is pre-delivery inspection of finished products: Inspectors inspect the quantity, process, function, performance, color, size, specifications and packaging of the goods before the production and packaging of the products. A large number of purchased goods, many are used sampling mode. But our industrial mixer belongs to precious goods, so it suits for 100% full inspection mode.

oil water vessels

The third one is shipment supervision:Before final product shipment, the inspector assists the manufacturer in confirming whether the container conforms to the cleanliness and packing conditions in the process of factory base, warehouse or package transmission.

This machine will be used for large scale production of cosmetic cream. It comprises one 1000L main tank, one 500L oil phase kettle, one 900L water phase kettle, one 5.5kw stirring motor, one 15kw bottom entry homogenizer, 3.85kw vacuum pump, a hydraulic lifting system, two sets of Siemens PLC and one moveable stair case with a platform made of stainless steel plate.

inner structure

RX-1000L vacuum cosmetic cream mixer

The customer required RX-1000L vacuum cosmetic cream mixer to be controlled by two sets of touchscreen. And one is on the ground, the other is on the working platform for easy operation. The operation interface was designed to display in Polish by programs. Both main mixing tank and water oil tanks are equipped with CIP cleaning spray balls. The CIP in main tank is worked with homogenizer for pressure, and the CIP in the other two tanks are equipped with centrifugal pump. In addition , the oil kettle and water kettle are installed weighing modules.

anchor agitator

The weighing module (or load cell) is a new sensor application structure. It integrates high-precision shear beam weighing sensor, load transfer device and mounting joint plate, which not only ensures the high-precision and long-term stability of shear beam sensor, but also solves the problem of weighing error caused by improper installation. They can be used under various harsh conditions. As the weighing system composed of weighing modules is convenient for automatic weighing and networking with computers, it will become more and more widely applied in chemical enterprises.

We successfully passed the strict inspection by third party of each production stage and optimization of logistics. From which, you can know the true situation of Ginhong and place orders to us securely. For more information about this 1000 liters cosmetic mixer, welcome to contact us in detail.

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