The 30 liters lab mixer homogenizer has been finished and packed in a wooden case under the endeavor of Ginhong staff. We have done everything possible to ensure the high quality of our equipment before delivery. It was sent to Shanghai port on October 17th, and will arrive in Taiwan soon.

RX-30L Tilting Lab Mixer Homogenizer Delivered to Taiwan

The customer owns a company manufacturing a range of mixers in Taiwan. For the cost of making machines in local area is much higher than that in mainland, he began to cooperate with our company for mutual benefits last year. After conforming the great performance of RX-20L lab homogenizer mixer, he ordered RX-30L lab vacuum mixer in August this year. We should thank to P-MEC China which offers an ideal opportunity for suppliers and buyers in the same machinery industry. We will establish a long term cooperation with each other for the solid foundation.

RX laboratory vacuum mixers have been designed to develop cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products in small quantities in the lab. This type mixers recreate the production operating conditions with a view to industrial up-scaling. This multi-purpose equipment can immensely increase productivity and reduce production cycles. Lab mixer is a small equipment allowing for the perfect transformation of products with a wide range of viscosity. This versatility is particularly shown in the quick-change emulsifiers’ heads. And it covers all mixing operations: heat exchanges, suspension, homogenizing, dissolution, dispersion and emulsion.

RX-30L lab high shear emulsifier

This RX-30L lab high shear emulsifier will be used for making food. It adopts the same design as the former order RX-20L, but not includes the electric control system. The Taiwanese customer is an experienced manufacturer in the field of mixing equipment just like us, so they can complete the machine by their own technical department. Before delivery, he came to our factory for inspection of this order. He can speak fluent mandarin, which makes the communication between us much easily. The conclusion is that some mixing part and rotating direction of the disperser should be modified by mutual agreement.

The RX-30L lab vacuum homogenizer mixer mainly comprises one 30L three layers stainless steel vessel, one anchor agitator with scrapers driven by 0.55kw mixing motor, one 1.5kw disperser motor, one 3kw bottom entry emulsifier mixer, one 0.55kw vacuum pump, a hydraulic lifting system and an air cyliner tilting system. The working principle of pneumatic cylinder is smilar to hydraulic cylinder, but the advantages are easy to connect external pipe and of inexpensive price. The tilting system is convenient for operators to discharge finished product and clean the tank. In addition, all product contact parts are made of superior 316L to ensure sanitation and stability of the ingredients.

30L lab vacuum homogenizer mixer

The conventional machine only rotates in one direction which creates a particular flow pattern in the fluids, hence the particles tend to stick to the walls of container, ultimately results in poor quality mixture. In order to have a homogeneous mixing, it would be appropriate to make stirrer shaft rotate in one direction, and stirrer blades rotate in opposite direction, which will form turbulent flow. According to this method, the mixing parts of this RX-30L lab mixer were designed as below: the anchor agitator rotates clockwise and the disperser rotates counterclockwise at the same time. Besides, it also adopts homogenizer at the bottom of the tank. With these three forces, the machine will absolutely make good quality product for our customer.

Lab mixer homogenizers have contributed a lot to the growing success of food companies and pharmaceutical companies, as they can meet their requirement for consistency and develop new products while also help with lowering production cost. Ginhong provides unstandard machines as per requirement of customers. Welcome to contact us.

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