RX-5 Lab Emulsifying Mixer Delivered to an Indonesian Company

A full set of 5L lab emulsifying mixer was transported to Shanghai port by a truck on June 15th. It will be delivered to a cosmetic company in Jakarta, Indonesia.

RX-5 Lab Emulsifying Mixer Delivered to an Indonesian Company

Indonesia’s large population makes up one of the largest markets in the world for daily chemical products. This customer’s company was established in 1985 and employs more than 2000 persons currently. And it has emerged as one of the reputed manufacturers of skin care and cosmetic products. They also cooperate with famous consumer goods brands, such as Makarizo and Procter & Gamble.

RX laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer

RX laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer is suitable for the widest range of applications: mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing and dissolving. It offers excellent reproducibility when scaling up to full-scale production and provides an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger machine under full-scale working conditions. Likewise, the operator is able to undergo mixing and homogenizing processes with efficiency and flexibility.

The electrical control for this RX-5L lab vacuum homogenizer mixer is 380V, 50Hz, Ph3. It mainly comprises one 5L main emulsifying tank, one top mounted anchor agitator with scrapers, one set of circulating heating and cooling system, one 2.2kw bottom entry homogenizer, one 3L oil phase pot, one 3L water phase pot, and one 0.25kw vacuum pump. Working capacity of the main tank can be tailored from 5L to 30L.

laboratory mixing equipment

The water mixer and oil mixer are heated by 2kw electric heaters. Meanwhile, the main mixer is heated by a circulation system. A stainless steel square container is made of a safety valve, a 2kw electric heater and a thermometer. A pump draws the water filled in the container to main tank jacket and back to the container for another cycle through two pipes. The inlet and outlet of hot water and cool water are in the charge of four manual valves.

3L oil water kettles

The whole equipment is controlled by push button control pannel. The lid of main tank can be lifted by electric lifting system. The ingredients in water tank and oil tank are mixed and dispersed , then they will be transferred to main homogenizer machine for homogenising and emulsifying. The homogenizer and scraper can work at the same time, or just start one of them. The cream produced by vacuum homogenizer mixer has the feature of no foam, smooth and fine, good ductility, and long shelf time.

Ginhong offers you a broad range of lab emulsifying mixer for the use in cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in food production. We offer customization on our products as per the requirements of our clients, welcome to contact us.

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