RX-500L PLC Control Cosmetic Making Machine Made for Autralian Customer

One set of RX-500L cosmetic making machine controlled by Siemens PLC was manufactured by Ginhong. The whole machine adopts electric heating and the most advanced homogenizer machine design from Europe. Before the delivery, we have checked each part of machine and cleaned the tank totally.

RX-500L PLC Control Cosmetic Making Machine Made for Autralian Customer

Cosmetic mixer

This cosmetic mixer is customized for a regular customer in Australia who was the first one to cooperate with us at the beginning of Ginhong establishment. Australian customer’s company was founded in Sydney and its products have been awarded the top ten skincare brands in local market. The first order they purchased was RS-100L vacuum emulsifying mixer with pneumatic cylinder lifting system, and this 500 liters vacuum homogenizer cream mixer is the third order they placed to us.

The founder of Australian company once was an international supermodel for 35 years who had been trying to find proper cream to keep her face radiant. After many setbacks, she decided to set up her own company to develop skin care products independently. After decades of research and experiment, now she has become a leading figure in Australian formulations. And many international brands hopes that she can formulate the ideal skin care products for them. In this step-by-step effort, she has worked as a formulator for more than 60 skin care brands.

Australia is a country with many unique flora and natural landscapes. In 2017, she founded her favorite brand: Minenssey. She has devoted more than half a century to this brand that represents the initial pursuit—original beauty. Throughout the Australian market, she believes that Minenssey is a 100% brand using Australia’s rare natural ingredients, which will be the most proud piece of arts in her entire recipe career. Since its inception, MINENSSEY has been sought after by fashion media, cosmetic bloggers and beauty lovers for its unique natural extracts from rare plants and unique rock mud. Meanwhile, Minenssey is the five-star facial mask recommended by Beauty Heaven (a well-known Australian cosmetics review website )and its products are favored by consumers at home and abroad.

moveable storage tanks

RX-500L vacuum homogenizer mixer

This RX-500L vacuum homogenizer mixer comprises one 500L main pot, one 150L oil phase tank, one 450L water phase tank, one 4kw stirring motor, one 11kw high shear pump homogenizer, 2.35kw vacuum pump, a 1.5kw hydraulic pressure station, Siemens PLC operating system, six electric heaters and one stainless steel stairs with a platform. In addition, the supporting facility includes 40L hopper, 12hp air cooled water chiller and two 500 liters storage tanks. And the hopper is for powder or some materials which don’t need to be heated. They can be drawn into the main manufacturing vessle by vacuum directly. The function of water chiller is to accurately shorten the cooling time, increase the production quality and improve the production efficiency. After the cosmetic cream cooling by air cooled chiller, the finished product will be tranferred to the storage tanks.

water oil kettles

Each tank is equipped with one jacket temperature sensor and inner pot temperature probe. For safer use of the machine, all the three tanks are fitted with water level alarm systems. When the water in the jacket is lower than the minimum water level or higher than the maximum water level, the alarm light will twinkle on the touchscreen. If the worker runs the machine for the first time, when the alarm light is on, he or she should fill the tank with more water or stop filling water. Next time, if the alram light is on, the operating system will supply water or stop supplying water automaticlly.

Ginhong’s staff are experienced in the design and manufacturing of cosmetic making machine. We have been a silent partner alongside some of the leading beauty giants in the industry; not to mention promising start-ups and entrepreneurs who are eager to delve into the world of beauty. For more specific technical parameters of any mixer, welcome to contact us without hesitation.

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