Some preparation tanks made by Jinhu Ginhong Machinery were packed and delivered to a local pharmaceutical factory this afternoon. These preparation tanks will be used to manufacture pharmaceutical preparations.

Ginhong has been making preparation tanks and liquid mixers for years. The first area we entered was pharmaceutical industry. Preparation tanks are the most basic equipment for making preparations, especially liquid-based pharmaceuticals like oral drinks and infusions.

Preparation tank

A typical preparation tank includes the double jacketed stainless steel vessel for heating and cooling and the impeller mixer for mixing the preparation. Vacuum system is an option to choose for sanitary purpose. The applications of preparation mixers are injection, infusion and oral drink etc.

The processing of liquids in the pharmaceutical industry has specific hygiene and purity requirements. Production plants must stick to technical and regulatory requirements. Our products are in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. The surfaces of our preparation vessels are ground and polished. All welds are smoothed to the current standards and exclude even the smallest cleaning dead spaces.

Propellers like that used in a boat are widely used in preparation tanks. It rotates quickly and pushes the liquid downward. The liquid goes upward along the wall of inside tank and forms a circulation. Variable speed is possible by using frequency inverters. Our range of products can also been equipped with CIP units for cleaning.

Our preparation tanks comply with cGMP regulations and are good for making all kinds of liquid. If you need to make preparations, please feel free to contact us immediately for a detailed quotation.

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