Syrian Customers Inspected RS-100L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer in Ginhong

The new RS-100L vacuum emulsifying mixer was totally finished last month. Two Syrian customers came to inspect their ordered machine and reached Ginhong factory on the afternoon of November 24th.

Syrian Customers Inspected RS-100L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer in Ginhong

This customer engages in the import of machinery for Syrian pharmaceutical companies. Syria imports almost everything from China. From generators to building materials, furniture and industrial equipment. This 100 liters vacuum emulsifying mixer will be used to produce pharmaceutical cream. The pharmaceutical industry has become one of the most important sectors of economic and social development in Syria. The local drugs production covers almost ninety percent of the domestic needs, and the rest was exported to other countries including much of the Arab world.

RS series vacuum emulsifying machine is suitable for making small to medium batches of viscous cream and emulsion in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It becomes the best selling mixer in 2018. Earlier this year, an American regular customer purchased two sets of this mixer lifted by hydraulic lifting system. Recently, we had completed another two sets of RS series mixer lifted by pneumatic lifting system. One is for a customer in Zimbabwe, and the other is for an Australian customer. Both of them are new customers in cosmetic industry.

RS-100L vacuum cream mixer

This RS-100L vacuum cream mixer is heated by steam. It is mainly composed of 100L double jacketed main tank, 60L oil phase tank, two motors, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system, tilting system, heating and cooling system and electrical control panel. The main emulsifying tank consists of a high speed homogenizer, shaft with paddles and agitator with wall scrapers. The 4kw motor drives the shaft and homogenizer rotating counter-clockwise, while the 1.5kw motor drives agitator rotating clockwise. These two opposite forces are desirable to give good and uniform quality product.

Oil tank is used to disperse and heat oil phase ingredients, and then they will be transferred to main tank by vacuum pump. The tilting system makes it convenient to discharge finished pharmaceutical cream and easy to clean. Furthermore, it is one of the unique features compared with RX vacuum homogenizer mixer and RB vacuum emulsifier mixer. If the mixture is not thick, it can be discharged through bottom valve of the vessel as well. There are several interlock settings for vacuum and hydraulic pump, which is for safe production. In addition, hydraulic lifting system has the advantages of stable performance, long life span and sensitive speed regulation.

pharmaceutical cream making machine

Syrian customers checked the machine carefully and learned its functions on control pannel. Our sales manager introduced each part of the mixer to them and demonstrated how to operate the equipment. They were very satisfied with the performance and workmanship of the vacuum cream mixer. Moreover, they asked extra soft tube and wall scrapers for spare use. Sales manager also gave some advice for next order and recommended RX vacuum homogenizer cream mixer with bottom entry homogenizer.

Ginhong has manufactured hundreds of vacuum emulsifying mixer for customers from home and abroad. Our engineers have enough practical experience for different industries. You can trust that Ginhong Mixer can solve your toughest mixing challenges. Please contact us for deeper communication.

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