SZ-500L Multi-functional Three Shaft Mixer Delivered to Vietnam

Ginhong’s workers had accomplished the task of SZ-500L multi-functional three shaft mixer ahead of schedule. The manufacturing vessel was dismantled into two pieces and they were encircled by iron pallets. The vacuum pump and electrical cabinet were packed in wooden boxes. These four pieces of equipment were transported to Shanghai port before the holidays of Chinese National Day.

SZ-500L Multi-functional Three Shaft Mixer Delivered to Vietnam

This Vietnamese customer has contributed to the production and trading in biological products and aquatic veterinary drugs for years. The company was established in Ho Chi Minh City, and strategically cooperates with world famous manufacturers in the field of biological products for aquaculture at present. He got in touch with our salesman through searching the company website. After thorough understanding of our factory, this client placed the first order to Ginhong eventually.

Ho Chi Minh City is the most famous city of Vietnam in the world. Meanwhile, it’s one of the five central municipalities, the economic center of Vietnam, the country’s largest port and transportation hub. It is located on the northeast of the Mekong Delta and South China Sea. With the economic development of tertiary industry services and the risen of domestic manufacturing costs, many foreign-funded enterprises have shifted manufacturing to Southeast Asia. Perfect infrastructure and superior geographical position of Ho Chi Minh City have attracted a large number of enterprises landing, but also promoted the development of this city itself.

SZ-500L vacuum three shaft mixer

SZ-500L vacuum three shaft mixer will be used to make food for fish, shrimp and poultry. This mixer is made of 500L manufacturing kettle, 4kw disperser motor, 4kw agitator geared motor, a set of 7.5kw batch homogenizer, 2.35kw vacuum pump, and an electrical cabinet. All motors are purchased from reputable brand ABB as customer’s demand. It’s a complete system of dispersion, mixing, homogenizing, heating, vacuum the air bubbles and discharging the completed product in the final stage. Furthermore, the mixing vessel is heated by steam under the control of penumatic valves.

This machine integrates fast mixing and slow mixing in a single vessel with one anchor agitator and two disc dispersers on one shaft. At the same time, it combines homogenizer for homogenization. Homogenization is a process, which can assure completed mixing and union of different ingredients. In the end, it will produce a uniform and consistent mixture.

500L vacuum triple shaft mixer

Nowadays, all forms and types of such tool have been widely used in factories and manufacturing facilities of various industries. This process is commonly applied in food production. In order to avoid the agglomerate of products, homogenizing them is vital in the whole manufacturing process. Specifically, the fatty globules are crushed in a high pressure homogenizing mixer. Homogenizer makes food emulsion stable.

SZ series multi-functional three shaft mixers have become one of the popular types among Ginhong’s products. Our global customer base has experienced the benefits of our industry experience and engineering expertise. Any interest in mixing equipment, welcome to contact with our salesmen.

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