SZ-500L toothpaste manufacturing plant has been processed to final stage. Two Thai customers came to China for inspection of their order. We picked them up from the hotel in Nanjing and arrived at Ginhong in the afternoon on August 31st.

Thai Customer Inspected SZ-500L Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant

This customer specializes in manufacturing toothpaste with many years experience in Bangkok, Thailand. Before placing the first order to us, our sales manager had flown to meet with him during the import and export fair in Dalian, China. He sent an inquiry to us from our company website a few years ago. Moreover, they had visited one of our big Thai customers in food industry who purchased a group of mixing machines from Ginhong.

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand, located on the East Bank of the Chaobiya River, the second largest city in Southeast Asia. And it is an international metropolis and a trading center for precious metals and stones. The economy accounts for 44% of Thai total, while Bangkok port takes up 90% of Thailand’s foreign trade.

In the export of Thai cosmetics and toothpastes, 37% of the market is for ASEAN, 30% for Japan, 5% for Europe and 5% for Australia, and 26% for China. With the rise of Thai TV series, Thai cosmetics have attracted the attention of the majority of consumers, coupled with the development of e-commerce, we can see a lot of dealers and buyers pursue “Thai procurement” and “origin of Thailand”. In addition to developing the local market of Thailand, Thailand also opens up international markets for cosmetics and toothpastes. Its main export zones are Asia and Southeast Asia.

500 Liters toothpaste making machinery

This 500 liters toothpaste making machinery includes the main manufacturing plant, one 300L liquid premixer, one 300L powder tank, 2.35kw vacuum pump, 4kw rotary lobe pump, an electrical cabinet and a set of stain steel stairs with platform. It’s a complete system of dispersion, mixing, cooling, vacuum the bubbles and discharging the finished paste in the end. SZ series vacuum three shaft mixer is the perfect equipment for producing toothpaste.

According to the technological formula, the spices, active additives, stabilizers and saccharin are dissolved in the premixer with pure water until they are totally homogenized. Then the mixture in premixer can be sucked into the main manufacturing plant. And put the mixture in liquid tank into the main tank as well. Next add the powder and fragrance into the main vessel for mixing and dispersing. The manufacturing process will produce bubbles, so it is necessary to vacuum the air at the same time. Finally test a small amount of paste. If the toothpaste is qualified, transfer them into storage tanks. The product is cooled by chilled water or tap to normal temperature. In the meantime, the material is fully expanded to form a homogeneous product and the elasticity of the material is also improved.

300L liquid powder tanks

The Thai customers inspected the toothpaste plant carefully and tested it with water. They checked each particular with our engineers and workers in detail. For example, the total height of the mixer, how to dismantle the motor and if the height will exceed the total height of their workshop. Even the size of the disperser can be expanded. And the technical parameters of vacuum pump and lobe pump. Our staff patiently answered the questions to them one by one. They also learned about production scale, annual turnover of Ginhong and so on. Eventually it turned out that our toothpaste making machine will be quite fit for them. This SZ-500L mixer will be delivered to their factory soon.

SZ series toothpaste manufacturing plant is the most popular item for customers to make various toothpastes. If you also have the demand of producing toothpaste, please contact with our professional salesman for more specifics.

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