A group of three Thai customers came to Ginhong today to inspect their ordered RB-500 vacuum emulsifier machine. This customer is a famous food manufacturer in Thailand and owns several factories in South-east Asia.

Thai Customers Came to Inspect RB-500 Vacuum Emulsifier Machine

Customer wanted to make a kind of butter by a vacuum colloid mill. They thought of colloid mill as they’ve had some experiences with it. Ginhong doesn’t make colloid mill as it’s not used widely now.

Colloid mill is mainly used to mill the solids into fine powders. Some years ago it is an important part in toothpaste making machines to mill calcium. It also found its wide application in pharmaceuticals especially tablet and capsule. The case now is that powder is much finer than before. You don’t need to mill it any more and can use it directly in making products. Most companies now use homogeniser instead of colloid mill.

Inline homogenizer

We explained this to customer and asked his opinion on whether to take colloid mill or inline homogenizer. Customer discussed and thought inline homogeniser will be more suitable for them to make butter. Inline homogenizer is capable of producing a fine droplet or particle size in a short period. And it’s suitable for majority of products, such as cream, ointment, lotion, sauce and flavor emulsion.

But they requested contra mixing driven by two geared motors. In this way, they can control the speed of wall scraper and center agitator independently. At the same time they asked us to make the mixing paddles closer to each other according to their experience in butter making. With narrower gap between two paddles the butter can be squeezed and sheared better. Obviously it’s a good idea.

RB-500 vacuum emulsifier machine

Finally customer put the order for a RB-500 vacuum emulsifier machine with inline homogenizer. They came today to inspect the machine and tested it with water. It turned out to be ok for them. Soon this emulsifier machine will be delivered to their Thai factory.

Ginhong is a China based manufacturer specialized in production and export of mixing equipment, especially vacuum emulsifier machine. More than 10 years expertise in the field with strength of premium quality, low price and fast processing.

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