The 39th China National Pharmaceutical Machinery & Nanjing International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition closed yesterday at Nanjing International Expo Center.

It’s the first pharmaceutical machinery expo Ginhong attended in 2010 and the effect seems only so-so. Actually the expo only attracted a small professional audience.

We met only several international customers. Most of them were trading companies and none of them even asked for a quote. But it happened that we met two old friends from Tehran, Iran. They’re also doing pharmaceutical machinery trading.

However, it’s better for domestic sales people. During the expo, there were some professional domestic customers from pharmaceutical companies interested in our vacuum emulsification mixer, vacuum homogenizing mixer and mixing vessel. Some had good talking with our sales managers. We believe that a few orders can be put just after the exposition finished.

The expo was expected to take 4 days closing on 15th. But there were almost no visitors coming to visit it on the last day. So every exhibitor started to pack their demo machines on the morning of 15th and prepared to leave.

Frankly speaking, this expo is the biggest pharmaceutical machinery expo in China. Almost all related machinery(mixing machinery, filling machinery, packing machinery, extracting machinery, evaporating machinery, condensing machinery and distilling machinery etc.) suppliers come to exhibit their best machines. The problem is the quantity of audience. Compared with exhibitors, the visitors are less.

Our suggestions for the organizers to attract more audience are: 1) Combine the spring and autumn expos into one expo only every year. Two expos with the same theme per year is kind of waste of time and energy for both exhibitors and visitors.

2) Organizers should pay more attention to attract international visitors. Now not too many international customers know about the expo. It would be reluctant to name it Nanjing International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition.

Nevertheless, we’ll still attend the 40th (Autumn, 2010) China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo from October 29th to November 1st in Chengdu, Sichuan Pprovince. Our booth number will be posted on our website after registration.

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