Three Sets of Industrial Food Mixers Delivered to Indonesia

Ginhong had finished three sets of industrial food mixers in January, 2018. The 10L benchtop lab mixer, 1000L vacuum emulsifier machine without hydraulics and 1500L vacuum mixing kettle were loaded in a 20 feet container on February 28th. And they will be shipped to a food manufacturing factory in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Three Sets of Industrial Food Mixers Delivered to Indonesia

It is the first order of this Indonesia customer, which shows his great faith in Ginhong’s products. And we are sure that our mixers will satisfy this new customer. The 10 liters small mixer will be used to make test batches. Once the result of experiment is confirmed, the raw materials can be put into the other two large mixing kettles for making big batches.

RX-10 lab vacuum homogenizer machine

RX-10 lab vacuum homogenizer machine is made of main homogenizer mixer, vacuum pump, electric lifting system, materials circulation system, heating and cooling system, temperature control system and electrical control panel etc.

The main homogenizer mixer is composed of a 2.2kw inline high shear mixer mounted at the bottom of the vessel, and a frame agtitaor with wall scrapers. The bottom homogenizer consists of one three-layer toothed rotor and one two-layer toothed stator. An external circulation pipe comes along the tangent of rotor and connects to the top edge of the tank body. The electric lifting system is convenient for operator to add raw materials, view the production, and clean the vessel.

RX-10 lab vacuum homogenizer machine

RB vacuum emulsifier mixer without hydraulics has the same function of the standard vacuum emulsifier mixer, but can save some cost for customers. So it’s especially suitable for customers who want to make big batches of cream and ointment with limited budget.

YX vacuum mixing kettle is for the manufacture of low-viscosity preparations and fluid in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals industries.

The mixing tank is composed of a frame agitator and two fixed impellers mounted from the top cover. The frame anchor drives the materials move along the wall. At the same time the two fixed impellers keep still and give the materials a counterforce. The holes on the paddles can enhance the mixing effect.

Mixing kettles

Our mixing kettles are manufactured in line with international production standard of drug and food. The inner and outer surfaces of the pot and the surface contacted with materials are all mirror polished. All material contact areas are made of stainless steel 316L. Roughness reaches to 300 mesh. And each vessel has passed the jacket pressure test before delivery.

Ginhong has enough experience in solving the needs and requirement in mixing field. If you have demands for industrial food mixer, please contact us to get a detailed offer.

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