Two Sets of RX-1200L Cosmetic Cream Mixer Made for American Customer

Two sets of RX-1200L cosmetic cream mixer have been completely finished for an American customer. Besides, he also ordered one set of RX-5L laboratory mixer and two sets of lobe pump. All the products will be transported to Shanghai port in one 40ft container and one 20ft container in a week.

Two Sets of RX-1200L Cosmetic Cream Mixer Made for American Customer
This customer has dedicated to the beauty industry for more than twenty years. The company has grown into a thriving cosmetic supplier to deliver revolutionary beauty products to the world. They have excellent cooperation with Ginhong for years, and place several orders to us each year.

RX-1200L vacuum homogenizer machine

RX-1200L vacuum homogenizer machine is mainly composed of a 1200L double jacketed homogenizing mixer, a top mounted anchor agitator with Teflon scrapers, a 18.5kw bottom entry inline homogenizer, a 600L oil phase mixer, a 800L water phase mixer, a 3.85kw vacuum pump and a 1.5kw hydraulic station. This equipment adopts Siemens PLC to replace traditional push button control panel.

The homogenizer mixer achieves automatic control by means of Siemens PLC, Weinview touch screen and pneumatic valves. Temperature of products, mixing speed and time of each tank, homogenizing time and speed, and pressure value all can be set in PLC parameters window. And some interlocking devices are made for safe production.

water oil mixer

PLC recipe controls

With PLC recipe controls, operators are able to focus on the actual process instead of manually timing the mixer while having to adjust temperature, pull vacuum, manipulate agitator speeds, open and close valves, etc. Manual tasks like these can affect an operator’s concentration and subsequently impact how precisely a recipe is followed from one batch to another. By eliminating human variability, PLC recipe controls ensure faster batching and consistent formulations from batch to batch.

PLC is used in many branches of modern industry, such as rubber and plastic, chemical and petrochemical, power, metals, pulp and paper, machining and manufacturing. Automation of industrial processes through the PLC capabilities has brought a substantial improvement in production. Safer and more comfortable working conditions, higher product yield, short cycle time, higher quality products, are only a few examples of the innumerable system benefits provided by PLC installations. In most applications, PLC installations bring high payback for investment and additional savings.

RX-1200L vacuum homogenizer machine

The most important mechanic part of this equipment is the bottom entry inline homogenizer. The homogenizer is used in conjunction with a slow speed anchor stirrer. The high speed rotation of the rotor blades generates a powerful suction, drawing liquid and solid materials downwards into the center of workhead. The materials are subjected to intense hydraulic shear as they are forced out through the stator. The mixture goes inside the external circulation pipe and returns to mixing tank for the slow mixing or another emulsification. In this way, all the ingredients can be mixed thoroughly to form a uniform cream.

To create safe, trusted consumer products for face, hair and body, personal care producers utilize a wide range of mixing technologies. Whether you need simple color or fragrance blending or need to create extremely fine emulsions, Ginhong has high quality cosmetic cream mixer to help you deliver.

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