Ginhong workers had finished manufacturing two sets of YX series 100 liters vacuum mixing tank for a regular customer in India. Each set was disassembled into three pieces, and the total six components were wrapped in polywood cases. They were loaded in a truck and sent to Shanghai airport on October 30.

Two Sets of YX-100L Vacuum Mixing Tank Delivered to India by Air

The Indian customer has sufficient experience in pharmaceutical mixing equipment, and he has been a customer of our company for years. YX vacuum mixing tank is the favourite type of this customer. The performance and function of our products completely meet customer’s manufacturing requirement. We don’t equip YX-100L mixing machine with electric cabinet just as usual, but fifty-centimeter-long wires are reserved for the motors. Then they will assemble the whole machine and sell to their local clients.

Vacuum mixing kettle

These two vacuum mixing kettles will be used to produce gelatin. Gelatin is a water-soluble protein, derived from the extraction of collagen found in various animal skin, bones, hides and tendons. Gelatin’s unique amino acid composition and structure provide multiple functional properties. It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, medications, drug and vitamin capsules, photographic films and papers, and cosmetics.

In pharmaceutical industry, gelatin is applied in making hard and soft gel capsules. Stainless steel pins are dipped into gelatin solutions to form hard capsules, which are then set by blasting them with chill air. The moisture is removed and the two halves of the capsule are joined together. It is as an important part of the process that makes synthetic polymers and latexes, functioning as a protective agent to prevent coagulation of the polymer and latex particles.

Gelatin plays an important role in various foods. In bakery products it has a unique function, helping to sustain sugar’s crystal-like shape and to stabilize the liquid phase of various bakery products like icing, cream fillings, glazes and marshmallows. It is used with mousses and whipped toppings for its whipping and stabilizing functions. It is also used in canned foods like hams to congeal the juices that get extruded during the processing stage.

YX-100L vacuum mixing kettle

YX-100L stainless steel mixing tank

The two stainless steel mixing tanks are completely the same. Each machine is mainly made of 100L double jacketed vessel, 0.75kw agitator geared motor rotating at the speed of 61rpm, two 4kw electric heaters, vacuum pump, spray balls, and temperature control system. The 100 liters manufacturing tank is heated by two electric heaters. In addition, vacuum pump is purchased from NASH and motor from SEW, which are in high repute worldwide.

Ginhong tailors each vacuum mixing pot in line with the needs of your applications. You can trust that our engineers and salesmen can solve your toughest mixing challgences. For more information of our mixer, please contact us.

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