One set of RX-100L simplified vacuum homogenizer mixer was completely finished by Jinhu Ginhong Machinery Co., Ltd. last year. It’s ordered by a Turkish owned company based in Lusaka, Zambia. Before the delivery, the customer came to our factory for the inspection and made the test of the simplified vacuum homogenizer mixer that was used for making mayonnaise.

Zambian Customer Cames to Ginhong to Inspect and Test RX-100L Simplified Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer for Making Mayonnaise

We picked up the customer from Nanjing railway station to our company yesterday. Customer first looked around the company a little while and studied some demo machines in the showroom. The customer had interest in several kinds of vacuum homogenizer mixers.

Vacuum homogenizer mixer

After a brief introduction, customer wanted to make a test of the vacuum homogenizer mixer to make sure that if the machine could successfully produce the mayonnaise. The translater and the engineer accompanied customer to the workshop, with ready-made items including drinking water, salad oil, salt, sugar, vinegar and a pack of materials that customer with his own.

After the customer understood the related operation buttons and functions of the vacuum homogenizer mixer, the experiment would begin. Before the experiment the customer asked us to put all the materials in proportion to the main tank, then started the testing and took the video as requested. During the test, the customer continued to observe the mixing situation inside the tank. After a while, the customer brought the lid up and discharged the finished mayonnaise.

RX-100 simplified vacuum homogenizer mixer

The customer invited us to taste mayonnaise together. We felt the taste more sour but the customer felt good.

Today the customer changed the proportion of raw materials and had made another batch, the customer was satisfied with the machine. In addition, he also checked the water chiller and storage tank.

The function of the water chiller could lower the water temperature and improve the production efficiency. It was mainly applied in plastic& rubber industry.

Storage tank was made of a stainless steel tank and fitting etc., it was a storage vessel for holding the liquids, semi-solids and solids in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. So the customer used it to storage mayonnaise this time.

As the customer wanted to look the bottle of the glass factory in Xuzhou, there is no more time for tests. Customer took photos with our staffs in the workshop and showroom. Then we drove him to Nanjing railway station.

After customer gets back to Lusaka and sends us the balance payment, we’ll organize the shipment of simplified vacuum homogenizer mixer, water chiller and storage tank to him soon.

Our RX-100L simplified vacuumhomogenizer mixer is one of the most popular designs and sizes in our vacuum emulsifier homogenizer products range. It’s suitable for tight budget factories in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. If you have similar requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed offer.

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