4 Best Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in India

As the food industry faces rapid growth, food processing equipment should have the same broad development as the industry they are valued the most in. We listed 4 of the leading manufacturers that could lead you to the best choice.

Ginhong Vacuum Triple Shaft Mixer

Image Source: Ginhong

While the world evolves and people discover different recipes, the need for food processing equipment that attend to food production increases. For this reason, manufacturing companies research about what these companies need to put those specifications in their products.

Since the main purpose of food is to satisfy the consumers with their appearance and flavor, these equipment must sustain the needs to maintain the food’s quality so they could sell in the market. All machines like industrial food blenders are needed to be the best of their kind.

If you’re looking for companies that could surely sustain your needs in equipment, this article is definitely for you.

List of India’s Top 4 Best Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

The names below are the ones that have proven their excellence in the production of food processing equipment. We dug some information about these well-known companies and ranked them according to client rating, manufacturing capacity, and other factors that express their purpose. *

  1. Neologic
  2. M. M. Industries
  3. Lakshmi Food Machinery
  4. Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery

Top 4 Best Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

We did reviews and studied these manufacturers: the products they are most known of and considered the years they have spent in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry. Keep reading till the end of this article to know each of these companies.

1. Neologic Engineers Pvt., Ltd.

Neologic Logo

Image Source: Neologic

Business Type: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Office No. 4 & 5, R. No. 105/1/1, Near Hotel Orchid, Mumbai-Bangalore Bypass Road, Baner, Pune-411045, India
Main Market: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years
Certifications: ISO 9001-2000

The Neologic Engineers Pvt., Ltd. tops this list with pride as it commits to its set core values since 2007. The company unceasingly raises the bar following its commitment to their clients and the integrity and development of the products it sells in the market.

Neologic is granted the ISO-9001-2000 for their 15,000 square feet factory. Led by its Head Engineers, Mr. Rajendra Gore and Mr. Ravindra Mahajan, Neologic’s workforce are able to serve numerous food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical companies and branches in Asia like Unilever, L’oreal, and Daima.

The company’s perseverance to serve and manufacture simple and energy efficient equipment is rooted in its goal to become a globally-respected engineering solution. It is known for high-quality products and efficient delivery systems, and a 500 Cr company by the year 2030.

Key Products:

  • Pasteurizer systems
  • Paneer and Cheese Press
  • Powder Mixing Systems
  • CIP systems

    2. M. M. Industries

    M. M. Indusatries Logo

    Image Source: M. M. Industries

    Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter
    Headquarters: Dhebar Road (South), Atika 4/10, Weldor Street, Near Chetan Machine Tools. Rajkot – 360002, Gujarat, India
    Main Market: Global
    Years of Experience: Over 20 years
    Certifications: CE and ISO 9001

    You might consider M. M. Industries as your supplier if you are looking for equipment that assure resistance and yet high production rate. This company manufactures machines using high-grade raw materials engineered to give you cost-worthy technologies as the company promises and proves that its machines last for decades.

    Over the past two decades of developing for and supplying to its customers, M. M. Industries were able to come up with a modern series of infrastructure. Those include quality control, product supply, and research and development. The company’s employees make sure to deliver only the finest machineries and are constantly in research to ensure their reliability.

    Key Products:

    • Flour kneading machines
    • Hydro dryers
    • Peeling machines

      3. Lakshmi Food Machinery

      LFM Logo

      Image Source: Lakshmi Food Machinery

      Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
      Headquarters: No. 43, Near Banmari Amman Kovil, Shoba Nagar, Kr Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
      Main Market: Global
      Years of Experience: 7 years
      Certifications: ISO 9001

      Lakshmi Food Machinery is not only a company that specializes in machines that are used in commercial food chains and hotels, but is the leading manufacturer of kitchen equipment. It manufactures a variation of products including cooking, refrigeration, and storage equipment that provides the best food qualities.

      The company upholds a reputation as they leverage through a wide range of research and experiences in its 7 years of service. Testimonies of clients regarding Laskhmi’s service and quality prove its decked designs, energy-saving functions, and affordability.

      Key Products:

      • Refrigeration equipments
      • Slicer machines
      • Convection ovens

        4. Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery

        Grace Processing and Packaging Logo

        Image Source: Grace Processing and Packaging

        Business Type: Exporter and Manufacturer
        Headquarters: A4, Sector 5, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301, India
        Main Market: Global
        Years of Experience: 13 years
        Certifications: ISO 9001

        The Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery is named as the leading manufacturer in India’s snacks processing and packaging industry. The company’s focus is specifically at frying goods like corn puffs and chips including flavorings and blending. 

        Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery’s research and development team has gone through and is still through diverse innovations. This is to meet the demands of their partner clients and customers from countries all over the world the company marked its service in.

        The company remains on path as they emerge with values of trust, respect, and sustainability to its customers.

        Key Products:

        • Frying lines
        • Flavoring equipments
        • Distribution and blending system
        • Drying thermal technology

          The Best Food Processing Equipments Manufacturer in China

          After the list of the top food processing equipment manufacturers in India, this part will feature the most preferred manufacturer of food processing equipment in China. Offering a large selection of machines, this company excels at providing the same outstanding quality for each of its products.

          Ginhong Mixer

          Ginhong Logo

          Image Source: Ginhong

          Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
          Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
          Main Market: Global
          Years of Experience: 16 years
          Certifications: CE

          Ginhong is named as one of the preeminent companies in China that manufactures food processing equipment and sells industrial mixers and blenders the best. In the mixing industry of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, this company became known internationally because of its well-established reputation in quality control and customer service.

          Ginhong also guarantees that what they do is not just pure business as they always offer win-win deals through considering the customers’ needs and making the best of their abilities to work together to give you the exact equipment you are looking for. If skills and knowledge about customer satisfaction are to be tested, no questions asked, Ginhong won’t ever lack them.

          Key Products:

          • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
          • Mixing tanks and vessels
          • High shear mixers
          • Multi-shaft mixers


            Similar to any industry and business, the machinery plays one of the most significant roles in the production of things with great value. It not only affects your brand but dictates your product’s appearance, stability, effectiveness, and taste. Thus, choosing the best manufacturer of food processing equipment should be your topmost priority if you are an emerging brand in the food industry.

            While India has got a lot of manufacturers to choose from, China’s Ginhong Mixers could still be included in your list! Did we mention they ship worldwide? Contact Ginhong Mixer to get a free quote for its selection of industrial mixers and blenders. 

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