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Common Types of Equipment for Making Cosmetics

Food processing mixers

Food processing mixers cover a lot of machine types, but one of the most common is a high-shear mixer. Typically used to manufacture dressing, jam, and similar products, such a machine can disperse various ingredients to the main liquid component. A high-shear food processing mixer would be just right if you need to wet out and disperse powders thoroughly.

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Food processing mixers

Food emulsifiers

Food products like mayonnaise may require the mixing of immiscible substances, such as water and oil. Mixing them at high speeds is one essential factor in ensuring their consistency, and mayonnaise-making machines like food emulsifying mixers can do that. Food manufacturers can improve their products’ shelf stability and prevent their ingredients from separating.

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Food emulsifiers

Industrial food blenders

Creating sauces, spices, salad dressing, and others can be done using an industrial food blender. With the right speed and agitation, sauce-making machines like industrial food blenders can homogenize the components needed for manufacturing your food products. Whether for low- or high-viscosity products, a powerful blending machine can satisfy your requirements.

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Industrial food blenders

Planetary food mixers

Processed food must achieve a certain standard homogeneity before market release. Even toothpaste factories ensure that their products are consistently blended. Planetary mixers have blades rotating on a vertical axis, which also revolves around the mixing tank. They scrape off the ingredients from the vessel walls too, helping achieve a thoroughly homogeneous mix.

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Planetary food mixers

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Industries That Need Mixing Machines

Industrial meat mixing machine

Manufacturing various kinds of processed food may involve the usage of numerous spices, preservatives, and many other components that need to be mixed with the main meat ingredient. Ensuring that every part of the yield has consistent taste and texture can be done with high-performing industrial meat mixing machines.

Brewing mixer

Making wine and beer in distillery and brewing houses covers a lot of considerations when it comes to mixing and blending. With the addition of yeast, water, sugars, and other chemicals, making sure that the whole batch is thoroughly blended would be important to create quality products. Continuously mixing the brew is also important to avoid drying the cap.

Bakery mixers equipment

Bakeries and bread-making factories deal with viscous mixtures and doughs formed by mixing flour, eggs, water, and others. Mixing them thoroughly is necessary to ensure non-defective yield and achieve uniform taste and texture. Some bakeries may also intentionally aerate their mixtures. An excellent mixing machine like a planetary mixer can help achieve all of them.

Vegetable oil processing machine

Producing vegetable oil and other types of edible oil encompasses many chemical- and nutrient-mixing processes aside from extracting the liquid from processed oilseed. Water, acids, caustic soda, and other ingredients may be mixed with the use of industrial blenders into the oil extract before further processing.

Pet food processing equipment

Pet food can be classified into dry and wet categories, but one thing common between them is that they undergo mixing processes during production. Dry pet food involves mixing both wet and dry components, before being baked and cut into the familiar food that pets love. Nutritive ingredients and flavor also get added and blended with the mixture.

Grain mixing equipment

Grain products like cereals undergo several steps before getting packaged for consumer use. Manufacturers add sugar, vitamins, flavors, and other ingredients into the primary grain component. Using an efficient mixing machine can help achieve mixture consistency, which is necessary before processing it further to form the cereals found on the market.

Supplement powder mixer

Supplements may seem just like a heap of powder inside a pack, but they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, flavor, and other components. These ingredients are thoroughly mixed and combined with each other with high-performing mixing machines, resulting in the uniform supplement powder sold on the market.

Dairy processing equipment

Dairy products like butter, cream, and cheese undergo processes like dissolving of sugars, vitamin fortification, and emulsification, among many other manufacturing techniques. Aside from providing even blending, high-powered and vacuum mixers can also eliminate aerification and similar mixing issues in dairy.

Food homogenizer machine

Creams and other products in the same domain must be completely homogenized, in terms of taste, texture, and even quality. Preventing fish eyes and voids from occurring has been a serious concern of many food factories, and a vacuum homogenizing mixer can help solve that. By preventing aeration and having powerful shearing, consistent quality can be achieved.

Spice blending machine

Consumers tend to use processed spices and flavors due to the convenience that they can bring. Such products are not just dried spices, but they are ground powders that contain a multitude of ingredients like salts, pepper, and many others. Powder-blending machines are the right fit for spice blending.

Why Industrial Mixers and Blenders or Cosmetics & Personal Care Products & Manufacturing

Larger batches

Industrial food processing mixers come in various forms, such as an inline and batch mixer. While their forms may be different, industrial mixing machines usually have large mixing tank capacities, allowing manufacturers to process their products in bigger quantities, maximizing their production time.

Stable emulsions

Mayonnaise and similar products made by mixing immiscible liquids need to be emulsified, and industrial emulsifying mixers are the best options for such a requirement. By distributing the ingredients into fine droplets, food factories can achieve stable emulsions and consistent formulations for their products.

Consistent production

Having consistent batch-to-batch yield is necessary for quality assurance, and industrial mixing machines are known to provide such consistency. By completely homogenizing, dispersing, and mixing the ingredients, producers can create their products with minimal to no differences in terms of taste, texture, and other aspects.

Avoiding lump formation

Lumps, or agglomerates, can easily form when using inefficient mixers, and these defects are hard to eliminate from the mixture once formed. Such agglomerates affect the consistency and texture of various products, making one batch a waste. Powerful high-shear mixers can prevent them from occurring.

Why Industrial Mixers and Blenders for Food Processing


Our mixing machines at Ginhong can disperse various sugars, salts, flavors, powders, granules, and many other kinds of solid ingredients into liquid components, making them into a thoroughly homogenized mixture.


From baking ingredients to spices, our food processing mixers can provide excellent processing, combining nutritive ingredients, additives, flavors, and other dry components to the products completely.


Slurries form when dispersing various small solids into the main liquid ingredient, usually transforming into substances of varying viscosities. Our powerful high-shear mixers can homogenize these small solids and dissolve them completely.


Food products mostly contain water, oils, dairy, vitamins, minerals, and other liquid ingredients. Ginhong industrial mixers can mix these liquids into a highly-consistent blend, ensuring that every part of the yield is the same.

Viscous pastes

Viscous pastes can be hard to blend, especially when using a conventional mixing machine. Our robust planetary and other mixers can move these viscous pastes formed with thickeners, emulsifiers, oils, etc., without hassle with powerful agitation, rotation, and other actions.

Benefits of Using Ginhong Mixing Machines for Food Manufacturing

Minimized aeration

Our Ginhong mixing machines feature vacuum systems and high-shear blades, which eliminate most air inside the mixing tank. With the blades moving at high speeds, foaming and aeration can be minimized.


Grainy texture, unwanted lumps, inconsistent mix, and non-uniform viscosities are some effects of the presence of voids and fish eyes in a mixture. Prevent such issues from happening by achieving void-free yield with our mixers at Ginhong.


Featuring huge mixing capacities, our Ginhong mixers can help save time by producing larger batches. That aside, our machines can provide high-quality yield with powerful homogenization and stable emulsification, turning every minute into valuable yield.

Food processing equipment quality

As the best manufacturer of industrial-grade mixers and blenders in China, we put devoted effort into ensuring the functionality and quality of our products. Get top-quality and efficient food processing equipment from Ginhong today.


Emulsifier Machine Manufacturer

Ginhong is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturers and concentrates on 100% customer satisfaction.

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Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

Industries Served

Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer mixers are widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion, and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


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