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Sauce Making Machine Mixers

Ginhong is an Industrial Sauce Mixer Manufacturer in China. We offer CIP, food safe and sanitary types of mixers for the food industry. You can use our equipment for processing salad dressings, dips, creamy sauce, tomato sauce and pastes. We guarantee high quality at low costs for small to large scale sauce production. Check out the mixer specifications you need!

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Sauce Making Machine by Ginhong


There are tons of sauce recipes which can be prepared from processing various fruits and vegetables. The most common preparation is tomato sauce or ketchup, but sauce manufacturers typically produce different kinds of sauces in factories. These can be kitchen condiments such as salad dressings, pastes, guacamole, mayonnaise, mustard and others.

To obtain a perfectly uniform sauce, you need a mixing equipment which can emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and blend ingredients. There will be a lot of manufacturing challenges in the mixing of raw materials. This is where Ginhong provides you the solution in making emulsified sauces through our line of industrial blenders.

Sauce Manufacturing Equipment

Ginhong’s Sauce Mixer is specially configured to mix consistent batches of sauces. We have a number of industrial mixers having different design options and sizes to cater your production line needs at a budget you can afford.

High quality emulsified sauces giving you a winning edge against your competitors
Through the years, Ginhong has been expertly delivering quality, durable and world-class equipment. We offer customized mixers depending on what your production line needs.

How would you like us to help you today with your sauce manufacturing line? Read on to tap our knowledge in making emulsified sauces and how our mixers can help you achieve the right quality, which can ultimately increase your ROI.

Recommended Mixers for the Manufacture of Sauce

Ginhong’s Vacuum Homogenizer Sauce Mixers

The Vacuum Homogenizer Sauce Mixer Machine allows a large variety of sauce formulations, either smooth or small particulate sauces. This line comprises a vacuum filled blender with an emulsifier and homogenizer. With this assembly, you can manufacture sauces using various materials, such as natural products, oils, spices and powders, to fulfill the flavor you want.

This machine can be fullyJ controlled according to recipe-specific mixing properties such as shear rate and heat-treatment to achieve the desired product. It includes a vacuum to enhance product quality in terms of better mixing, as it can help circulate the powder ingredients more efficiently.

Our machine is versatile and can be fit for small to large scale sauce manufacturers. However, we provide more mixer varieties depending on your requirements and budget. We have the RX series which specializes on large batches of sauces. We also have the RS series, a proficient choice for small and medium batches. For continuous, large scale mixing, the RB series is the way to go. If considering a smaller budget, you can opt for our simplified RS Series.

Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer

Ginhong High Shear Batch Sauce Mixers

If you want to produce consistent batch to batch sauce mixtures, our high shear batch mixer is the perfect equipment. This mixing equipment is designed with a high pressure homogenizer which can effectively and quickly emulsify high viscosity sauces.

When it comes to mixing difficult granulated mixtures, our batch mixer can also perform powerful disintegration of solids and powders. There will be no need for extra milling equipment, nor pre-mixing as its rotor-stator homogenizer is designed for effective particle size reduction in a matter of less time.

It also performs high shear mixing with an optimized heating environment so you can maximize production efficiency. Save time with less maintenance as it’s also equipped with a teflon scraper, which performs CIP to minimize bacteria formation on vessel walls.

Ginhong High Shear Mixers:

High Shear Mixers

High Shear Powder Induction Mixer for Thick Sauce

Gravy sauces, tomato pastes and other thick chunky sauces need a large amount of powders and flakes, which make mixing more difficult. With the high shear powder induction mixer, you can easily blend powders with the liquid phase. This stainless steel machinery can effectively handle solids and powders with powerful particle integrity.

It also allows gentle processing of ingredients at optimized temperatures to achieve high quality mixing. You can incorporate bulk solids and still achieve optimum results without agglomerate formations and undesirable partial hydration on vessel walls.


Ginhong Sauce Mixer Videos:

Are You Looking for A Reliable Supplier of Mixers?

Feel free to write us about product queries or ask for support anytime, we'd love to help. Didn't find the right product or want any recommendations? Contact us today!

Sauce Manufacturing Process

How to Make Sauce with Our Mixing Equipment

Sauce production begins with storing raw materials such as glucose, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and others. This will either be in a water phase solution or powder form.

At the beginning of the production process, the raw materials are dosed from dosing bins and pumped or conveyed in in-line weighers. Once the batch weighers are filled with the right recipe ingredients and dosage, it will be transported to a batch mixer.

The mixing process is the heart of sauce production as it dictates the efficiency of the whole production process. After mixing, the finished product will be filled and sealed in the desired containers.

The Mixing Process of Sauce

How to make sauces can be summarized in a similar manner as follows:

Mixing Issues

Some of these mixing issues can be encountered when using a conventional agitator:

The Ginhong Solution

Ginhong’s Sauce Making Machine can easily emulsify and homogenize edible mixtures. The rotor/stator assembly and an incredibly high speed manner of mixing can address any mixing issues.

Advantages of Ginhong Mixer

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