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Ginhong is a Whipped Cream Mixing Equipment manufacturer in China offering the best, low cost batch mixers. Our industry-grade mixers are fit for making cream emulsions, dairy cream products, cultured milk desserts for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. We have overhead stirrers and production blenders for small to large scale cream manufacturing. Check out the mixer specifications you need!

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    Whipped Cream Manufacture By Ginhong Mixers


    Whipped cream manufacturing in a small or large scale operation requires the right mixing equipment for making oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsions. You wouldn’t want to end up with a wasted batch mixture if the mixer cannot perform its intended purpose.

    The manufacture of edible creams requires stable emulsions, which will not flocculate, coalescence or separate. Using a conventional agitator might not answer your needs in terms of powerful mixing actions, and can only damage the blades or, in worst cases, end your mixer life.

    With Ginhong’s powerful high speed and high shear mixer, you can make uniform cream mixtures in a matter of less time and higher output. Our sanitary batch mixers, made of stainless steel parts and mixing tanks are ideal for cream production in dairy, milk, food and beverage industries.

    If you're manufacturing edible cream, read on to know what’s in-store for you!

    Why Ginhong Whipped Cream Mixer Equipments

    Ginhong’s Cream Manufacturing Equipment is a wonderful addition to your dairy production line, if you value quality AND price. Higher throughput and less downtimes is what our mixers can offer.

    This rugged assembly of mixing units can seamlessly blend any low to high viscosity creams in the food and dairy industry. Promoting faster reaction rates, maximized yield, you can never go wrong with our Cream making machine.

    Are you ready to grow your liquid soap-making business into a more profitable and professional production line? Ginhong has a set of robust liquid soap mixing equipment you will need to make top-quality soaps and other personal care products!

    We Custom-Build Top Quality Cream Mixers at a Fraction of the Cost of International Brands
    Available in different sizes and integrations, we have the ability to customize what you truly need for your plant mixing operations. What’s more, we offer our customers value priced mixers for them to scale up more on their businesses. Thousands of food and beverage companies have already enjoyed our precision-made and sanitary mixing equipment, but we build with integrity even for new customers.

    Better Quality Creams, With Frothy, Uniform Texture Mixture
    Offering unique manufacturing mixers to make better quality creams is always our target to keep our customers satisfied. Our specialized batch and continuous mixers for cream-making can thoroughly homogenize, emulsify, disintegrate, blend and solubilize creamy formulations. You’ll always end up with a stable emulsion and finer cream texture your customers will love to eat!

    Recommended Mixers for the Manufacture of Cream

    Multi-Shaft Mixer for Whipped Cream

    For producing whipped creams and all-purpose creams, our Multi-Shaft Mixer is ideally a good choice. Ginhong’s Multi-Shaft Mixer has two to three intermittent mixing shafts for vigorously mixing thick cream formulations.

    What makes it unique is its ability to mill, disintegrate, and completely mix high viscosity products in matter of less time. Its multiple agitator and blade configurations rotate at varying speeds. In addition, the agitator has a unique cleaning operation having a teflon scraper that removes excess materials from walls further helping in efficient heat exchange.

    Ginhong Multi-Shaft Mixers:

    Multi Shaft Mixers

    Ginhong High Shear Batch Mixer

    When it comes to high shear cream mixing, Ginhong’s High Shear Mixer is top-of-the line. Our High Shear Batch Mixer works best for homogenizing, emulsifying and disintegrating dairy, milk and yogurt cream formulations. Having multiple precision-made features, it functions to mill and blend ingredients all in one mixing unit.

    High Shear Mixing Equipment has a rotor-stator homogenizer, a pneumatic/hydraulic lifting system, a motor and transmission part, and a portable stand. It can be equipped with a heating element and integrated with a pasteurization vessel, a chilling equipment and additional sanitary pumps for additional food processes. Ease of operation, CIP and faster changeover are its advantages.

    Ginhong High Shear Mixers:

    High Shear Powder Induction Mixer for Thick Creams

    For cream formulations with a lot of powders, the High Shear Powder Induction Mixer is the perfect choice. We designed an optimized feed hopper to accommodate powder intake, while the CIP pump sucks in the powders into the liquid stream. Feeding large volumes of bulk powders may tend to hydrate easily and stick on the vessel walls instead of getting mixed. Thus, the Powder Induction Mixer is ideal for mixing high viscosity mixtures with a lot of powders in liquid mixes.

    Ginhong Cream Mixer Videos:

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      Cream Manufacturing Process:

      How to Make Cream with Our Mixing Equipment

      In manufacturing food-grade creams, basically, powdered milk, water and fats are emulsified to make a mixture. Other ingredients like sugar and preservatives are added. Afterwhich, water will be evaporated to thicken the mixture.

      Aside from homogenization, other processes are required such as pasteurization of liquid at a high temperature, sterilization and crystallization at low temperature.

      Edible creams, like whipped cream, usually have whole milk, which contains small heat-sensitive bacteria. Other ingredients are fats, sugar, butter-oil, water, and other non-fat solids.

      The Mixing Process

      • Pasteurizing: Liquid pasteurization for 15 seconds takes place at 72°C, which helps in inactivating lipase.
      • Cream Separation: Cream separation takes place to get the cream having the right fat content. This process usually takes place at 50°C.
      • Standardizing: Standardization takes place with a fat content of 35%. At this stage, skim milk powder and thickeners are added to decrease serum discharge.
      • Mixing: The separated and standardized cream will then be mixed in the tank. Emulsifiers and stabilizers are added to emulsify the products.
      • Sterilization: Afterwards, the mixture is sterilized.
      • Crystallization: The cream will then be kept at 4°C for the next 24 hours to crystalize the milk fat, improving the whipping features of the cream.

      Mixing Issues

      The following mixing problems may exist when using a conventional agitator:

      • Skim milk powder and other thickening agents like full cream milk powder are not easy to wet out, which makes it difficult to disperse and blend.
      • Powders can form agglomerates upon mixing it with liquid.
      • Other solids such as sugars at high concentrations are difficult to dissolve, especially when the agitator rotates slowly.
      • There is a need for a high shear homogenizer to make sure the cream results in an agglomerate-free mixture.

      The Ginhong Solution

      Using Ginhong’s High Shear Batch Mixer or Powder Induction Mixer can solve common mixing issues:

      • Upon adding the sugar in the vessel, the mixing process is accelerated with high shear mixing. Sugar is completely dissolved, and the other ingredients completely dispersed.
      • At the same time, the cream milk powder, even in large volumes, can be instantaneously added.
      • The rotational energy in the liquid immediately wets the powders and draws them into the workhead.
      • It will then be milled, disintegrated and solubilized by the workhead in a short time.
      • Any sign of agglomerates in the milk powder will be removed, as the powders undergo particle size reduction and dispersion.
      • As processed products are drawn out of the stator, fresh products are introduced in the workhead until all materials are evenly chopped, mixed and blended.

      Advantages of Ginhong Mixer

      With our industrial blenders, you can get the following benefits for your cream manufacturing:

      • Advanced mixing technology at low capital cost
      • Fully automated machines which are easy to operate and easy to change formulations
      • Sugars, powders and solid are instantly dissolved with high pressure and shear mixing, unlike conventional agitators
      • Effective Particle Size Reduction
      • High emulsion stability
      • Consistent mixture texture and high quality cream
      • Sanitary manufacturing with minimized waste products

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