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Industrial Mixers & Blenders
Factory Since 2011

Ginhong is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender factories. Ginhong’s main products include vacuum homogenizer mixers, vacuum emulsifying mixers, vacuum emulsifier mixers, high shear mixers, and other vacuum mixers.

We Are Here to Supply You Reliable Mixers & Blenders

Ginhong is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturers and concentrates on 100% customer satisfaction.

We strive to continually improve on all aspects of our daily operations. What separates us from the competition is not only we manufacture mixers following the highest quality standards, but also we provide every customer with super service.

With customers all over the world, and serving industries as diverse as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals, Ginhong has become one of the top manufacturers in the field of industrial mixing and blending.

The success is based on the professionalism and commitment Ginhong shows to each of our customer’s unique requirements. Whether supplying machines from the standard range of mixers or designing equipment specifically to meet an individual customer’s needs, quality is always the first concern and is well guaranteed.

Developing and applying new techniques on mixing process to meet customer’s increasing needs, Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

We’ll commit to designing, manufacturing and engineering vacuum mixers, emulsifying machines and high shear mixers. We’ll focus on this mixing field only and to be the real expert and professional. We’ll tell you all the knowledge and experiences we have and try our best to help our customers.

Our industrial mixers and blenders comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. At the same time, we obtain several certificates issued by the government and professional third parties.

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Experience & Certificates

Tradition & History

Ginhong with 16 years of experience in manufacturing industrial mixers

Compared with Ross, IKA or Ekato, sixteen years is really nothing. But if you know that the first Chinese-made vacuum emulsifying mixer was developed just in the early 1990s, you’ll understand how great China mixer industry grows. Sixteen years is not a long time. But for this industry and for this country it seems fine.

When we first started making industrial mixers, we’ve made the decision that we’ll become a professional mixer manufacturer, not a comprehensive supplier. One company can make only one thing good at one time. It’s impossible for us to make mixers, filling and packing machines at the same time. Our goal is to make mixers only and make the best mixers. Of course, we sell filling machines, water treatment equipment, water chiller, etc. as some customers prefer to buy the whole production line from one company.

Quality & Certificates

Ginhong now obtains several CE certificates. CE certificate is a safety and health mark, not a quality mark. Most of the goods sold in the European Union should bear CE marks.

Our mixers are very popular in the European market because of its good quality and relatively low price. So we asked ECM in 2015 to test and issue CE certificates for our RX, RX and RB series of vacuum emulsifier homogenizers. They comply with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive.


Factory Gallery

We have different types of manufacturing equipment including cutting and folding machines, lathe machines,
drilling machines, thread cutting machines and polishing machines etc.


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