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Common Types of Equipment for Making Cosmetics

High shear mixers for cosmetics

High-shear mixers are used for making creams, ointments, and similar products. Cosmetics and personal care items contain many active and inactive ingredients. Using powerful machines like high-shear mixers and cream mixers is key to combining them into a properly homogenized blend, which improves the shelf life and consistency of the products.

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High shear mixers for cosmetics

Emulsifying mixers for cosmetics

Creating lotions, hair conditioners, and related consumer products that people love requires robust emulsifying mixers, such as a lotion mixing machine. Water and oil—common ingredients of such cosmetics—do not mix. Factories can make a homogeneous blend of the two with the use of a high-quality emulsifying mixing machine, achieving guaranteed formulation consistency.

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Emulsifying mixers for cosmetics

Lab mixers for cosmetics

The formulas for cosmetics products require extensive and intensive research and development in laboratories, ensuring that they’re safe for consumer use and other purposes. Lipsticks, for example, may need lipstick-making machines while undergoing lab tests. Setting up cosmetics laboratories is essential for every manufacturer, and advanced lab mixers are what they need.

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Lab mixers for cosmetics

Blenders for cosmetics

Cosmetics encompass more than just topical creams as they also include various powders and similar products. Mixing powders and granules to a desired degree of homogeneity is essential in such a domain. With a high-throughput blending machine, cosmetic factories can achieve their various requirements for dry or wet mixing.

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Blenders for cosmetics

Planetary mixers for cosmetics

Homogeneity is the topmost requirement for success in the cosmetics industry, and personal care products involve many components that feature varying viscosities and ratios. With the planetary motion of its blades, a planetary mixer can thoroughly combine every ingredient, picking up the blend from all sides of the mixing tank, effectively reducing production waste.

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Planetary mixers for cosmetics

Mixing tanks for cosmetics

Mixing tanks are necessary components in any cosmetics factory as they are responsible for holding the various ingredients being blended by the mixing machines. Tanks made from stainless steel would be optimal for manufacturing a wide range of cosmetic products, as their properties do not lead to corrosion, oxidation, and similar unwanted scenarios.

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Mixing tanks for cosmetics

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Benefits of Using Ginhong Mixing Machines for Cosmetics Personal Care Products & Manufacturing

Lotion mixer machine

Using a top-quality lotion mixer machine is essential to ensuring the consistency and blend of the yield. From planetary mixers to emulsifying mixing equipment, only industrial-grade machines can thoroughly combine all lotion-making ingredients into the desired homogeneity you need.

Liquid soap mixing machine

Liquid soap formulations typically contain oils, acids, colorants, and water, presenting a lot of difficulties in terms of viscosity, aeration, and temperature. High-performing mixing machines may feature high shearing, planetary motion, several shafts, and related aspects. With such equipment, you can get rid of mixing problems, reduce waste, and produce excellent yield.

Sunscreen making machines

Sunscreen is a liquid emulsion, typically made alongside UV filters, antioxidants, moisturizing components, and other related materials. Most manufacturers face problems in sufficiently hydrating thickeners, achieving proper emulsion, breaking down UV absorbers, and similar issues. Solve these difficulties with a high-performing mixer.

Cosmetic cream mixer machine

With the variety of components needed to make smooth and highly consistent cosmetic creams, such as water, thickeners, emulsifiers, and more, a high-powered cosmetic cream mixer would be necessary. High-throughput mixing and guaranteed cream quality are some benefits you can get with an industrial-grade mixer.

Deodorant filling machine

Components, such as water, oil, and silicone, are used in making deodorants, alongside active ingredients like waxes, biocides, and others. These ingredients need to be manufactured in a temperature-controlled environment, sheared intensely, and emulsified properly with strong agitation. Cosmetic manufacturers can achieve all of these with powerful mixing equipment.

Perfume mixer machine

Most perfumes contain many chemicals, ethanol, water, oils, and other ingredients, and having them thoroughly mixed is necessary to ensure their quality. Manufacturers must use high-quality machines to chill and filter their perfume formulations, removing particulate matter and haze and making the perfumes clear and bear a mellow scent.

Why Industrial Mixers and Blenders or Cosmetics & Personal Care Products & Manufacturing

Stable emulsions

Industrial emulsifying mixers make use of their powerful blades to properly produce fine droplets of the cosmetic ingredients, resulting in a stable and consistent emulsion. Such yield is necessary to ensure that the cosmetic products would be stable even after a few years in storage.

Solid dispersions

Cosmetic manufacturers often disperse powders and other solid ingredients into molten wax or other kinds of liquids, achieving the right mix needed to produce a specific personal care product. Industrial machines like high-shear mixers can effectively break down, wet out, and disperse such solids into the mixture.

High-throughput mixing

When it comes to cosmetics production, being able to process large batches is key to ensuring enough supply on the market. Powerful mixing machines can provide factories with faster ingredient processing with high-throughput mixing, which effectively reduces manufacturing waste.

Agglomerate prevention

Agglomerates can easily form when mixing ingredients with shearing that is not powerful enough. These masses can be difficult to disperse, resulting in a wasted yield. Industrial high-shear mixers can avoid forming agglomerates and similar issues, making production faster and ensuring quality results.

Types of Ingredients Our Equipment for Making Cosmetics Can Mix


Various solids, such as powders, granules, and many other examples, may be used in producing cosmetics and personal care products. Our equipment for making cosmetics can thoroughly disperse them into your liquids.


Our cosmetic mixing machines’ planetary motion and powerful shearing create face powders by thoroughly blending talc, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate, and similar ingredients alongside water and silicone..


The high shear provided by our equipment for making cosmetics can easily homogenize and blend slurries formed by mixing a wide variety of small solids into the water and other liquids.


Cosmetics come in many forms, and some common ingredients they use include water, oil, fragrances, moisturizers, preservatives, and more. Have them blended thoroughly with our powerful mixing machines.

Viscous pastes

Manufacturing toothpaste, lotions, and creams require the usage of various materials with different viscosities. Our high-shear mixers and other machines can blend thickeners, emulsifiers, waxes, and others, achieving a highly homogeneous mixture.

Benefits of Using Ginhong Mixing Machines for Food Manufacturing

Minimized aeration

Our mixing machines produced at Ginhong feature high-shear and multi-shaft configurations, directly reducing excessive aeration and foaming. Achieve high-quality cosmetic products by getting rid of oxidation, discoloration, and similar issues with minimized aeration.


Once formed, voids and fish eyes are hard to eliminate from a mixture, which may result in unwanted grainy texture, uneven viscosity, and particulate matter that can’t be dispersed thoroughly. Ensure consistent and void-free solutions with our Ginhong mixers.


By producing excellent yield, every unit of time can be maximized in producing cosmetics. Our mixers can help achieve that, aside from having powerful systems that translate to high-throughput processing.

Food processing equipment quality

Ginhong mixers are created with the help of years of rigorous research and development. From powerful shearing to unimpeded processing, manufacturers can use our mixing machines to easily create cosmetics and personal care products with no issues.


Emulsifier Machine Manufacturer

Ginhong is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturers and concentrates on 100% customer satisfaction.

We strive to continually improve on all aspects of our daily operations. What separates us from the competition is not only we manufacture mixers following the highest quality standards, but also we provide every customer with super service.

Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

Industries Served

Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer mixers are widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion, and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


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