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Cosmetic Cream Making Machine Mixers

Ginhong is a Cosmetic Cream Mixer manufacturer in China, having served many beauty and cosmetic manufacturing industries in years. Looking for emulsion batch mixers for sale for the production of body creams, face creams, cold creams, beeswax creams, herbal ointments and other cosmetic cream formulations? Check out our specialized mixing equipment!

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Cosmetic Cream Manufacture By Ginhong Mixer


Manufacturing cosmetic creams whether in a small scale or large scale production needs the appropriate set of mixing and filling equipment. One of the top challenges cosmetic manufacturers face is when cream emulsions become unstable.

An unstable emulsion means two things:

As a result, the mixture may either flocculate, coagulate, coalescence or separate. Without proper mixing, aeration may come as a problem, which not only damages the agitator blades, but also cause issues in the cream filling machine.

Hence, your cosmetic cream formulation may end up as a profit loss if you don’t get a PROPER MIXING EQUIPMENT. With that, you need Ginhong’s Cosmetic Cream Mixing Equipments.

Why Ginhong Cosmetic Cream Mixers

Ginhong’s Cosmetic Cream Mixer is uniquely designed and manufactured for seamlessly blending viscous body cream mixtures and other skincare products. With faster reaction rates, our industrial-grade mixer can obtain the desired consistency and particle size in shorter mixing time. We have cosmetic mixers with several sizes and design configurations to suit your specific ingredient characteristics and your budget.

Homogenized and Consistent Blends of Cosmetic Cream Ingredients
Our specialized batch mixer for cosmetic cream-making performs high-shear mixing which thoroughly homogenizes, emulsifies, disintegrates, blends and solubilizes cosmetic ingredients. This results in a finely textured cream that your customers will love to apply on their skin! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt that we offer competitive prices for our industrial mixers than international prices.

Customized Mixer Equipment for Specific Cream Formulation Requirements
Face creams and body creams are either used as a moisturizer or as a protective barrier. In these two different applications, cosmetic cream formulations may vary to obtain different resulting properties and viscosities.

Thus, to get the right mixer specs, Ginhong tailors customized mixing equipment that matches the requirements of your product under different loads. This guarantees more accurate mixing power and temperature and makes a speedy operation and quick changeover. Ultimately, it leads to faster ROI and lesser downtimes.

Recommended Mixers for the Cosmetic Cream Manufacture

Ginhong’s Vacuum Homogenizer Mixers

A Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Cream is a vacuum-sealed system during mixing, which helps minimize unwanted aeration and prevent microbial growth. The vacuum also helps in pulling the powders in for easier circulation. Most skincare manufacturers prefer our vacuum homogenizer mixer for its ability to produce uniform, agglomerate-free mixtures of creams, lotions, ointments, and sunscreen. We have various sizes for small-scale to large scale cosmetic cream manufacturing.

Ginhong Vacuum Homogenizers:

Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer


Ginhong High Shear Batch Mixers

Ginhong’s High Shear Mixer is our optimum cosmetic cream mixer which effectively homogenizes, emulsifies and disintegrates creamy and viscous formulations. It has a top-grade, precision-made rotor-stator homogenizer with a patented design for mixing. Other parts include a lifting system, a motor and transmission part, and a portable stand for ease of operation and changeover. We also include an inverter which helps the operator change parameter speed whenever needed.

Our high shear batch mixer is offered in different capacities to suit your needs, ranging from 100 to 300L. This mixing machinery makes bulk cosmetic cream mixtures in lesser time and at maximized throughput.

Ginhong High Shear Mixers:


High Shear Powder Induction Mixer for Thick Lotions

The High Shear Powder Induction Mixer is utilized in the production of viscous creams in many cosmetic plants. It has a powder feed hopper and an inline suction pump which places an added energy in incorporating powders into the liquid in the mixing tank. Not only is it useful when feeding large volumes of flake powders into the tank, but also helps in when mixing high viscosity mixtures. It also minimizes aeration and agglomerate-forming, which can be a problem during the packaging process.


Bottom Entry Lotion & Cream Homogenizers

Our High Shear Bottom Entry Mixers are equipped with a bottom arrangement of rotor-stator homogenizer, which is utilized in mixing thick cream formulations that easily solidifies. It performs high pressure mixing with its slow speed anchor stirrer and a high pressure homogenizer.


Ginhong Cosmetic Cream Mixer Videos:

Are You Looking for A Reliable Supplier of Mixers?

Feel free to write us about product queries or ask for support anytime, we'd love to help. Didn't find the right product or want any recommendations? Contact us today!

Cosmetic Cream Manufacturing Process:

How to Make Cosmetic Cream with Our Mixing Equipments

In manufacturing cosmetic creams, ingredients may be in an oil-in-water emulsion or a water-in-oil emulsion. Cosmetic creams usually consist of moisturizer and emollients, which are thoroughly mixed in the oil phase and water phase. The active ingredients are also dispersed either in water or oil. Other binding ingredients are blended such as thickeners and emulsifiers. It’s up to you if you want to add fragrances, preservatives and tint.

The Mixing Process

In a typical beauty cream mixing process, the following takes place:

Mixing Issues

Depending on the quality of the mixer you use, you may encounter these problems in mixing:

The Ginhong Solution

Ginhong mixers accomplish the production of cosmetic cream through the following simplified methods:

Advantages of Ginhong Making Machine

Our company is one of the leading cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment suppliers in the world. They are widely used in the beauty and personal care industries and even pharmaceutical and food industries. With our industrial blenders, clients get the following advantages:

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