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Common Types of Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical mixers

Pharmaceuticals deal with a lot of medicated granules and powders, and high-shear mixers are one of the most preferred machines for such a case. High-shear mixing equipment can be used to prepare suspensions, handle cohesive powders, wet powder granulation, and wet-out powders.

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Pharmaceutical mixers

Pharmaceutical emulsifiers

Pharmaceuticals cover more than just oral medicine as they also encompass topical medicated creams, ointments, soap, and more. Such products are mainly formed from emulsions, blended from immiscible liquids like oil and water. Pharmaceutical emulsifying mixers like soap mixers and cream mixing machines are the correct equipment to use in producing these items. 

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Pharmaceutical emulsifiers

Blenders for pharmaceuticals

Medicines in the pharmaceutical domain usually come in powders, tablets, and capsules. Each dosage must contain the same amount of necessary active ingredients to ensure that people can receive the right amount of medication. Industrial blenders for pharmaceuticals can help manufacturers control their production environment and combine the components effectively.

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Blenders for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical planetary mixers

Planetary mixers excel in achieving homogeneity and consistency in various kinds of mixtures, which is one of the topmost requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether in making solid suspension, mixing, emulsification, polymerization, and dissolution of various powders and granules, planetary mixing equipment for pharmaceuticals would be needed.

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Pharmaceutical planetary mixers

Pharmaceutical mixing tanks

Pharmaceuticals deal with chemicals, so having the right configuration for a mixing tank is necessary to prevent unwanted chemical reactions and scenarios. Numerous materials can be used for pharmaceutical mixing tanks, such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, aluminum, and many others.

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Pharmaceutical mixing tanks

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Industries That Need Mixing Machines

Pill powder mixers

Most medicines come in pills, which are formed from powders. While a pill may seem so little, it packs many ingredients that help achieve the medical properties that it claims to have. Pill powder mixers can combine the many active ingredients and chemicals into a completely homogeneous blend necessary for batch-to-batch consistency and quality assurance.

Syrup mixers

Medicines for children tend to come in syrups, which are easier to ingest than capsules and tablets. While the form is different, medicated syrups are also a combination of a wide array of active ingredients, water, and many other substances. Syrup mixers are a perfect fit for the manufacturing of such pharmaceutical products.

Vaccine production equipment

Vaccines have helped a lot of people in terms of disease prevention, reduction of mortalities, and many other aspects. They contain various active ingredients that specifically target the disease that needs to be alleviated. Such ingredients are combined with other materials, such as water, with vaccine production equipment.

Ointment mixers

While some ointments are under the cosmetics domain, ones intended to kill germs, acne, and heal skin conditions are counted as pharmaceutical products. They are usually formed by mixing water, oil, hydrocarbons, and many other kinds of components. Emulsifying mixers are used to mix such unblendable substances, achieving consistent and homogeneous ointments.

Stirrers for mixing

Formulations undergo rigorous research and development before being manufactured in large batches. Stirrers for mixing such liquids are one of the necessary equipment in laboratories, helping scientists blend their ingredients without trouble. That aside, various stirrers and blades are also intended for the manufacturing of medicine in larger batches.

Why Industrial Mixers and Blenders or Cosmetics & Personal Care Products & Manufacturing

Balanced emulsions

Medicine formulas often include unblendable substances, such as water and oil, posing a challenge in creating a homogeneous and stable mixture. Industrial pharmaceutical mixers feature high-shear configurations, which can disperse liquids into fine droplets, capable of conjuring a stable emulsion.

Large batch production

Mixers intended for industrial use come with huge processing capacities, allowing factories to manufacture their products in larger batches. This allows them to meet market demands and can also save time and money. Other mixers can also be configured inline, giving manufacturers ease in continuous production.


The pharmaceutical industry has rigid standards when it comes to the homogenization of ingredients as they deal with healthcare. While conventional mixing equipment may be able to mix the ingredients, industrial homogenizers and planetary mixers can do a more excellent job in achieving the homogeneity that manufacturing companies need.


Hygiene and sanitation are some of the strictest requirements in the pharmaceutical domain. Industrial mixing machines are configured to be easy to clean, with polished vessel walls and scrapers made of non-stick material. They also feature advanced vacuum drying systems that may prevent oxidation and similar reactions that might affect the materials.

Types of Ingredients Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment Can Mix


Our blenders at Ginhong can process various solid components, such as active medicinal ingredients, granules, and many other kinds of ingredients, dispersing them into other liquid materials.


From pill powders to other kinds of finely divided drugs, manufacturers can have ease in production with our mixers at Ginhong. Our high-shear mixers are a perfect fit for dispersing such powdered ingredients into other substances.


Our powerful homogenizers and mixers can process a wide array of slurries related to pharmaceuticals, such as those used in making suspension medications, ointments, topical creams, and other kinds of medications.


Whether to make emulsions from water, oil, and other immiscible liquids, our Ginhong mixers are up for the task. Process syrups, additives, active ingredients, and more with our mixing machines.

Viscous pastes

Ginhong mixing equipment caters to materials of varying viscosities, such as thickeners, emulsifiers, waxy ingredients, and other kinds of ingredients, needed to produce medicated ointments and creams.

Benefits of Using Ginhong Mixing Machines for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies Manufacturing

Minimized aeration

With the system of Ginhong mixers featuring a vacuum, air can be reduced and eliminated. This prevents excessive foaming and aeration, which may cause blade damage, oxidation, and many other unwanted results.


Voids, fish eyes, and similar problems can be eliminated with our high-performing mixing equipment at Ginhong which comes with high-speed blades and powerful shearing specifications.


Ginhong mixers can be assembled inline and in batch configurations, allowing manufacturers to easily integrate them into their systems. Aside from faster processing, the huge mixing capacities of our machines also leads to a higher time-yield ratio.

Food processing equipment quality

Ginhong is a leading manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders all over the world. We make every unit of pharmaceutical mixing equipment with absolute precision, tested against rigorous standards by our experts. Get top-grade industrial pharmaceutical mixers from us today.


Emulsifier Machine Manufacturer

Ginhong is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturers and concentrates on 100% customer satisfaction.

We strive to continually improve on all aspects of our daily operations. What separates us from the competition is not only we manufacture mixers following the highest quality standards, but also we provide every customer with super service.

Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

Industries Served

Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer mixers are widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion, and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


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