4 Best International Sauce-Making Machine Suppliers

Sauce-making machines are essential for full-flavored, consistent, and stable sauces and condiments. Several reputable companies can supply you with these machines for your business. See them below.

A proprietary mixing tank from Ginhong

Image Source: Ginhong

In the world of the food industry, consistency and quality are a must. The food should be processed and packaged properly so that it retains its flavor. At the same time, ingredients, condiments, and additives should be safe for consumption.

Sauce-making machines are vital for various food businesses and industries. These pieces of equipment provide sumptuous, highly-edible condiments for different palettes and delicacies. 

The list below shows the top international suppliers of these sauce-making machines. You should contact these manufacturers if you are in need of high-grade, professionally built saucing devices.

List of the Best International Sauce-Making Machine Suppliers

The companies we listed below are some of the superior suppliers of sauce mixers and industrial equipment for food processing businesses. When looking for these pieces of machinery, you should check them first before any manufacturer.

  1. Ginhong
  2. Seven Castles
  3. Jinan TINDO International

4 Best International Sauce-Making Machine Suppliers

Below are the brief but concise company profiles of the suppliers that we listed above. We highly recommend that you go and see their respective details so that you’ll get an idea of their specializations and advantages over other manufacturers.

Manufacturer Location Certifications Notable Qualities
Ginhong 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
  • CE Mark
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
  • Factory and production quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-end industrial mixers
Seven Castle No. 76, Ren-Ai Road, Bali Dist., New Taipei City, 24944, Taiwan
  • CE Mark
  • ISO: 2009
  • Offers extensive line of food mixing machines
  • Competitive pricing
Jinan TINDO International No.662 Hualong Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
  • CE Mark
  • ISO: 2009
  • Equipped with modern technologies and tools for manufacturing
  • Capable of fulfilling bulk / massive orders
SPX FLOW 13320 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, North Carolina, US
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ASME B30.1
  • ASME B40.1
  • CSA
  • CE Mark
  • NEMA
  • IJ100
  • Incorporates advanced designs and technologies on its products
  • Offers extensive lines of products

Incorporates advanced designs and technologies on its products
Offers extensive lines of products

1. Ginhong

Ginhong Logo

Image Source: Ginhong

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
  • Main Markets: China, Global
  • Years of Experience: 16 years

Ginhong is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality industrial mixers and other blending devices. It boasts a wide array of equipment lines, ranging from planetary mixers, standard mixing tanks and vessels, and high-shear mixers. As it stands now, this company is capable of supplying these machines to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, and chemical processing. 

Ginghong also offers high-quality options for a sauce mixer machine. It can offer either standard mixers or customized mixers, depending on the requirements of its clients. Since it has an international reach, it can serve international orders. It assures fast shipping that enables it to meet the demands of offshore businesses. Expect good deals and competitive pricing from this brand. 

Key Products

  • Mixing tanks and vessels
  • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
  • High shear mixers
  • Multi shaft mixers
  • Planetary mixers
  • Sanity pumps
  • Auxiliary machines 
  • Storage tanks

    2. Seven Castles

    Seven Castle logo

    Image Source: Seven Castle

    • Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
    • Main Markets: Taiwan, China, Global
    • Years of Experience: Over 20 years

    Seven Castle specializes in the production of food and cooking mixers. Throughout its two decades of existence, the company has already expanded its market to five continents and over fifty countries. It is also a regular participant in various food processing machinery exhibitions locally and internationally. Needless to say, Seven Castle has already served multiple clients.

    Furthermore, this company is known for its high-quality tomato sauce mixers. Arguably, these machines hold the biggest share of the total sales of this manufacturer annually. But at the same time, you can expect that all other provisions of Seven Castle are great. They have been integrated with several automated features to remove inconsistency and risks in their operation.

    Key Products

    • Cooking mixer (automatic and manual)
    • Food processing machines
    • Sauce mixers
    • Special cooking mixers

      3. Jinan TINDO International – Top Tomato Ketchup Manufacturing Machine in China

      Jinan TINDO International logo

      Image Source: Jinan TINDO International

      • Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
      • Main Markets: China, Global
      • Years of Experience: 12 years

      Jinan TINDO is a massive enterprise in China that offers an extensive collection of industrial products and machines. Specifically, this company is focused on making machinery for mixing, frying, and industrial cooking. All of its provisions are durable and reliable, thanks to the quality standards it placed on its production and aftersales.

      Jinan has its own factory, with a total floor area of 8,000 square meters. Unlike other manufacturers, it doesn’t outsource its manufacturing to other facilities. Moreover, it is complete with essential tools, facilities, and manpower to get the job done. These factors enable Jinan TINDO to accommodate companies that have extensive demands or requirements for their food mixers. It has its own research and development team that continuously innovates its products and services.

      Key Products

      • Multi-head stir-frying cooking mixer
      • Automatic planetary cooking mixer
      • Popcorn machine
      • Vacuum horizontal mixer
      • Multi-function jacket kettle
      • Sauce cooking mixer

        4. SPX FLOW

        SPX FLOW logo

        Image Source: SPX FLOW

        • Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
        • Main Markets: United States, Global
        • Years of Experience: 7 years

        SPX FLOW delves into the production of industrial mixers and homogenizers. It is a relatively new company but has already fulfilled numerous orders and projects. Its aim is to help businesses optimize their production by lowering costs, increasing uptime, and reducing waste. Its sauce mixers, for instance, can certainly enhance the quality of your products.

        SPX FLOW is consistent in developing high-value technologies. Throughout its stint, it was able to provide equipment and services to various fields, such as food, health, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. This supplier is already operational and available in over 30 countries. Hence, there’s a certainty that it can match your current needs and requirements for your business, regardless of where you are located. It offers reasonable pricing and timely shipping.

        Key Products

        • Homogenizers
        • Sepators
        • Mixers
        • Dryers
        • Ultra-high temperature systems
        • Hydraulic technology
        • High force tools

          Our Top Pick for the Best International Sauce-Making Machine Manufacturer

          All of the manufacturers we listed here are suitable suppliers for food processing equipment, such as sauce mixers. But among them, Ginhong offers the most superior options. After all, the company focused on building high-quality machines instead of aiming for quantity-based outputs.

          Its stainless steel sauce-making machines are known to produce consistent and delectable results. Moreover, they are very durable, easy to maintain, and come with standardized features for more convenient and safer operation.


          Again, creating sauces and condiments isn’t a straightforward process. They require extensive and controlled procedures to achieve the best results. At the same time, specialized machines, such as sauce mixers, are necessary so that you can manufacture sauces in large volumes with maximum efficiency and consistency.

          Allow us to emphasize that all of the companies we listed here are great suppliers of sauce mixing machines. However, if you want the best one, you should contact Ginhong right away. It offers high-quality industrial mixers and other related equipment with the best pricing possible.

          Visit Ginhong and get a free quotation!

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