5 Largest Meat Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the World.

Finding it hard to get the best meat processing equipment manufacturers for your business? Save the aches. Here’s a list of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of meat processing equipment you can choose from.

Meat processing equipment machinery

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Meat processing equipment machinery cuts and processes animals into food. Most manufacturers around the globe produce meat processing equipment which includes; stuffers, cutters, mixers, conveyors, blenders, food smokers, dumpers, loaders, etc. These pieces of equipment are better sourced from reliable and well-trusted manufacturers.

This article provides a thoroughly researched list of the world’s largest meat processing equipment manufacturers, which you can select for your company or personal preference.
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List of the Largest Meat Processing Equipment Manufacturers

In a hurry? Check the list below in an instant.

  2. TIPPER TIE, Inc.
  3. RZPO – Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer
  4. K+G Wetter GMBH

5 Largest Manufacturers and Suppliers of Meat Processing Equipment Worldwide

These largest manufacturers and suppliers around the globe are selected based on different criteria; years of experience in the industry, certification, market coverage, company classification, etc., and have proven over time to meet the demands of their esteemable clients.


Bohnhoff Hamburg company logo

Image Source: Bohnhoff Hamburg

Location: Germany
Year founded: 1875
Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
Certificate: 1SO 9001
Main Market: Globally

Bohnhoff Hamburg is a traditional company in Germany with over 140 years of experience in the planning, designing, and developing of galleries on land and in the maritime sector. Clients benefit from their age-long experience and quality standard of its equipment as the company progresses.

Do you need equipment for your large-scale catering activities? There is a solution for individual needs based on the requirement, whether hotels, restaurants, daycare centers or canteens; the corporation specializes in manufacturing such equipment and those used on seagoing vessels.

The enterprise is a reliable partner, ever there for you – from planning design until the gallery is ready to use. Their products are also high quality, and downtime is minimized by a great team that finds a quick solution to any challenge.

Key Products

  • Meat processing equipment  
  • Bakery Equipment  
  • Refrigerated Units
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Gallery Appliances

    2. TIPPER TIE, Inc.

    Tipper Tie company logo

    Image Source: Tipper Tie

    Location: USA, Germany
    Year founded: 1952
    Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier.
    Certificates: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001; ISO 9001; HALAL Certificate
    Main Market: Globally

    TIPPER TIE was established in 1952 and named after one of its co-founders, Maynard Tipper. Tipper Tie started designing and developing machines in the mid-1950s and welcomed many innovative ideas in clip technology and clippers. The company headquarter is in the USA but has a brand – TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK GMBH, which is located in Germany.

    Tipper Tie Clipper is an equipment that helps in processing and packaging dairy products, meat, fish, pet meal, sealant, poultry various food and non-food products. The organization is a leading manufacturer and supplier of clipping and processing machines such as; Tipper Casing Tyer, Tipper Clipper, etc.

    Key Products

    • Meat Processing Machines
    • Packaging Machines
    • Cutting Equipment
    • Emulsifying Machines
    • Food Packaging Machines
    • Automatic Filling Machine

      3. RZPO – Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

      RZPO company logo

      Image Source: RZPO

      Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
      Year founded: 2005
      Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
      Main Market: Iceland, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia, Norway, and other countries worldwide.

      Are you seeking a manufacturing company that constantly expands its geographical scope? Then it would help if you considered RZPO is a corporation with almost 20 years of experience with professional team members that strive to change the world. The organization produces high-quality food processing equipment for meat, vegetables, and poultry handling.

      RZPO innovatively creates machinery and software systems for processing wild and farmed fish; specializes in planning design for meat processing equipment and supplies equipment for cheese, fish, meat, and vegetable processing.

      Key Products

      • Meat Processing Equipment
      • Fish Processing Equipment
      • Food Processing Equipment

        4. K+G Wetter GMBH

        K+G Wetter GMBH company logo

        Image Source: K+G Wetter

        Location: Germany
        Year founded: 1990
        Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
        Main Market: Globally

        K+G Wetter is another world-class manufacturer with over 25 years of experience manufacturing high-quality machines for processing meat. The organization has also transformed into supplying equipment for industrial applications.

        Established in 1990 by Manfred Wetter and his cousin Reinhard Wetter, the company is the leading enterprise in the second generation with about 100 employees. The organization boasts of its long-standing trust relationship with its customers, and as such, it’s capable of meeting your requirements.

        Key Products

        • Meat Cutter
        • Meat Grinder
        • Mixer M 500 Liters

          5. ASMERT

          Asmert company logo

          Image Source: Asmert

          Location: Turkey, Sudan, and Dubai
          Year founded: 2000
          Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
          Main Market: Globally

          Asmert is a manufacturing company with a specialty in the food industry. It was founded in 2000 by Architect Salih ERGRNHe er has project experience of over 33 years, with partners and employees serving as the leading brand. Its headquarter is in Turkey, with other branches in Dubai and Sudan.

          The corporation’s core value is to develop, design, and manufacture equipment to bridge the technology deficiencies in the food industry in the country. The company understands the sector, adheres to strict health importance, and produces healthy products, like meat processing equipment, wastewater treatment systems, packaging equipment, etc.

          Key Products

          • Meat Shredding Line
          • Offal Processing
          • Diary Facilities
          • Slaughterhouse
          • Meat Processing Facilities

            Top Meat Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

            Apart from the largest meat processing equipment manufacturers mentioned above, Ginhong still tops the list. The company has been the leading manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders in China for decades.


            inhong Logo

            Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

            Location: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
            Year founded: 2002
            Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
            Main Market: Globally

            Ginhong is one of the best-China-based industrial mixers and blender manufacturers. The organization is a unique brand different from its competitors because it manufactures the highest quality product and provides its customers with superb service, recording 100% satisfaction.

            The organization has been in operation since 2002, with detailed knowledge of producing mixers that are valuable and adaptable across all industries. Ginhong’s production process is unique and no two manufacturing processes are the same.

            Ginhong’s product range is mostly used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries, which offer a competitive advantage at low cost to stable quality.

            Key Products

            • Vacuum homogenizer mixers
            • Vacuum emulsifying mixers
            • High shear mixers
            • Auxiliary Machines
            • Planetary Mixers
            • Laboratory Mixers


              The list above gives the world’s 5 largest meat processing equipment manufacturers. We hope this list guides you in choosing a trusted partner for your business. For better assistance, you can learn more about our meat processing equipment.

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