Top 3 Cosmetic Manufacturing Machinery Suppliers

Are you struggling to find the top-quality certified and best cosmetic manufacturing machinery suppliers across the globe? Your aches are over! Below is a comprehensive list and information details of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and factories of cosmetic manufacturing machinery worldwide.

Cosmetic manufacturing machinery

Image Source: Ginhong

The cosmetic industry is a description of the manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic products. The manufacturing, distribution, and sales of cosmetic products are now spreading across large and small businesses, unlike in the 20th century. 

Therefore, sourcing a trusted brand for your business is imperative. That’s why you’re reading this article, giving the top 3 cosmetic manufacturing machinery suppliers with global impact.

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List of the Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Machinery Suppliers

In a hurry? Check the list below to see the best and most reliable suppliers of cosmetic manufacturing machinery worldwide:

2. LEWA Group
3. Brawn Mixer

Top 3 Cosmetic Manufacturing Machinery Suppliers

The manufacturers and suppliers selected here have been thoroughly researched and chosen based on superb services with maximum satisfaction; integrates R&D production, sales, and services; ISO certification, high-quality materials, and deliverables, etc. Check out the brands’ profiles below:


INOXMIM company logo

Image Source: INOXMIM

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
Headquarters: Spain
Year founded: 1997
Certificates: ISO 9001- 2001
Main Market: European, Latin America, Asia, and North Africa

INOXMIM was established in 1997 and has had a solid link in industrial equipment design, development, and manufacturing. The pump, mixing, stirring, and fluid conduction systems made by the organization has proffered solutions to many clients’ needs over the decades.

INOXMIM works with its technical team to better improve the performance of the equipment, develop new machinery, design customized plants, and ultimately provide solutions to the unending challenges in the industry.

The European, North African, Latin American, and Asian market endorses its products to ascertain their quality and incentivize the need for improvement.

Key Products

  • Special pumping equipment
  • Integrated joint pumping
  • Filtration and cleaning equipment
  • Mixing solutions

    2. LEWA Group

     LEWA Group company logo

    Image Source: Google

    Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
    Headquarters: Leonberg, Germany
    Year founded: 1952
    Certificates: ISO 9001, ATEX, ASME, WHG, PED, DVGW G280.
    Main Market: Global

    LEWA Group is a leading global manufacturer of process pumps, diagram metering pumps, complete metering systems, and plants. Founded in 1952, the company has 14 subsidiaries, over 100 sales partners, and employs 1200 persons in all branches.

    The organization’s motto is – “Creating Fluid Solutions,” which is geared toward delivering industry-specific high-standard products and solutions from a single source. It assists customers in designing every stage of the systems, thereby creating solutions for effective and safe handling of fluids.

    Being aware of its environment and its responsibility towards it, LEWA pays close attention to the sustainability of its products and services, its care for natural resources, and its relationship with customers.

    Key Products

    • Centrifugal Pump
    • Chemical Injection Packages
    • Metering Pumps
    • Odorizing Systems
    • Pump Skids
    • Process Pumps

      3. Brawn Mixer

      Brawn Mixer company logo

      Image Source: Brawn Mixer

      Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
      Headquarters: Holland, Michigan
      Year founded: 1993
      Certificates: ISO 9001
      Main Market: Globally

      Brawn Mixer is another leading global manufacturer of cosmetic machinery with decades of experience in the industry and product compliance to management. The organization has been manufacturing quality industrial mixers and systems since 1993.
      Processes in the cosmetic, health, and beauty industry are highly demanding due to multi-phase mixing requirements, and Brawn’s product flexibility can meet this demand. The organization leverages its numerous team members, in-house controls department, and committed engineers to meet the specifications of its customers.
      All its products are applicable in Chemical processing; Food, Beverage & Nutraceuticals; Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences; Health, Beauty, Cosmetics, etc.

      Key Products

      • Mixers
      • Support Structures
      • Impellers

        Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Machinery Supplier in China

        This section of the article covers the top leading cosmetic manufacturing machinery supplier based in China. For your industrial mixers and blender, Ginhong is an excellent choice to consider.


        Ginhong Logo

        Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

        Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
        Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jiinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
        Year founded: 2002
        Certificates: CE certificates
        Main Market: Globally

        Ginhong delivers the highest quality standard products to its clients globally and has been in the industry since 2002. Ginhong’s credibility among its customers says it all. Its unique design, fast delivery, good reputation, superb service, competitive cost e.t.c., are more than enough reasons you want to choose them as your cosmetic machinery manufacturer and supplier.

        The company commits to designing, manufacturing, and supplying vacuum mixers, high shear mixers, emulsifying machines, homogenizer mixers, and other vacuum emulsifier mixers for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Its sole aim is to be real professionals and experts in the industry.

        Key Products

        • Vacuum emulsifier mixers
        • Homogenizer mixers
        • High shear mixers
        • Auxiliary machines
        • Lab mixers


          Following the list above, you’re sure to find a reliable and trusted supplier for cosmetic manufacturing machinery. For more inquiries, you can check out Ginhong Mixer. We have quality industrial mixers and blenders. We offer the best service/products to our clients in the industry!

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