Top 3 Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the United Kingdom

Food processing equipment like industrial food blenders must develop substantially as the food industry business. Listed below are top 4 manufacturers in the UK which can help you pick the best food processing equipment.

CG Closed Storage Tank
CG Closed Storage Tank

Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

The demand for food processing machinery that attends to food production rises as people discover and develop new recipes. In an effort to select the best machinery for producing their products, food companies usually look for manufacturers who meet their standards. Because of this, manufacturing businesses investigate what these businesses require in order to include those requirements into their innovations.

Undoubtedly, this article is made to make your preferences easier to narrow down and let you pick the best choice.

List of the Top Food Processing Manufacturers in the UK

The companies listed below have demonstrated their proficiency in the creation of food processing machinery. We gathered data on these well-known businesses and ranked them in accordance with customer feedback, production capacity, and other criteria that reflect their mission.

  1. Heat and Control PTY Ltd
  2. Windsor Food Machinery
  3. The Food Machinery

Top 3 Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the United Kingdom

We researched about these manufacturers, looked at the goods for which they are best known, and took into account how long they had been producing food processing equipment. To learn more about each of these businesses on your own, read this article through to the end.

1. Heat and Control Pty., Ltd.

Heat and Control Logo
Heat and Control Logo

Image Source: Heat and Control

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: Afton House, Starlaw Park, Livingston EH54 8SF, United Kingdom
Main Market: Global
Years of Experience: 72 years
Certification: CE, CEIA, ISO 9001

Heat and Control is a manufacturing company founded by five engineers who took a chance on modernization of processing equipment. Being leaders in science and technology, these engineers lived up to their words of using their talents to serve their customers through constant improvement and efficiency of what they make.

Heating systems is the main line of products this company started with. And through the years, from heat treatment furnaces and combustion systems, Heat and Control’s commitment to research and development lead the company toward becoming one of the leading pioneers in the engineering solution industry of the United Kingdom. 

Key Products:

  • Dryers
  • Roasters
  • Breading and batter applicators|

    2. Windsor Food Machinery Ltd.

    Windsor FM Logo
    Windsor FM Logo

    Image Source: Windsor Food Machinery

    Business Type: Supplier, Manufacturer
    Headquarters: Units 1-6 Mountain Farm, Marsh Rd, Hamstreet, Ashford TN26 2JD, United Kingdom
    Main Market: Global
    Years of Service: 28 years
    Certification: ISO 9001

    Windsor Food Machinery holds the name of the leading quality butchery food processing equipment in the United Kingdom. The company’s dedication to deliver to its clients brought them high profile clients like Lakidis and Henkelman.

    This company prides itself on its skilled specialist application engineers that lead their whole workforce to deliver the best-quality equipment. Windsor’s trading and repairing services also helped its marketing strategy through living by: making machines look and work like new.

    Key Products:

    • Dicers
    • Meat mincers
    • Burger machines
    • Vacuum stuffers

      3. The Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

      The Food Machinery Logo
      The Food Machinery Logo

      Image Source: The Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
      Headquarters: Fenn Corner, St Mary Hoo, Ronchester ME3 8RF, United Kingdom
      Main Market: Global
      Years of Experience: 49 years
      Certification: ISO 9001

      Other than producing food processing equipment, The Food Machinery Co. Ltd. also offers design and marketing consultations for emerging clients. Being in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry for almost 50 years, this company has learned all the aspects it can use to make its products one of the factors that best lead to its clients’ success in the food industry.

      In 2009, the company progressed when they launched The Food Machinery packaging to assure its trusted clients that they care not only about the name, but also the client’s reputation. Hence, letting them compromise for unfair deals won’t be of any choices.

      Key Products:

      • Butcher Mixers
      • Spiral Kneaders
      • Stick Blenders

        The Top Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

        This section will feature the most favored producer of food processing equipment in China after the list of the top 3 manufacturers of such equipment in the UK. This business specializes at giving the same exceptional quality for each of its items while offering a wide range of machines.


        Ginhong Logo
        Ginhong Logo

        Image Source: Ginhong

        Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
        Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
        Main Market: Global
        Years of Experience: 16 years
        Certifications: CE

        Ginhong is one of the top manufacturers of food processing machinery and the best seller of commercial mixers and blenders in China. This company’s well-established reputation for quality control and customer service helped it become well-known internationally in the field that combines food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

        By taking into account their clients’ wants and doing their best to collaborate in order to provide you with the precise equipment you need, Ginhong also guarantees that their work is not simply pure business. Ginhong will never fall short when it comes to customer satisfaction, knowledge, and talents.

        Key Products:

        • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
        • Mixing tanks and vessels
        • High shear mixers
        • Multi-shaft mixers


          Like any industry or business, machinery is one of the most important factors in producing goods of high value. It not only influences your brand but also determines the quality, flavor, and stability of your products. Therefore, if you are a new brand in the food sector, choosing the best manufacturer of food processing equipment should be your first concern.

          Although there are many manufacturers in the UK to pick from, Ginhong Mixers from China could still make it on your list of options. They deliver worldwide, good to know! If this has got your eye, you can contact Ginhong Mixer to learn more about the company and get a free quote for industrial mixers and blenders to help you pick out. 

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